Do you have cushions on your lounge? I love cushions, no actually, I lust over cushions. There are so many pretty, colourful, textured cushions I could buy a million and swap and change them around my house constantly. There is just one problem that interferes with my affection for cushions …

I have children and a husband. And while having children and a husband is wonderful and I am blessed to have them in my life, they are not compatible with my cushion love.

I remember going to a girl friend’s house for lunch years and years ago, when her twin boys were about 8 years old and I had a new baby. Of course she had a lovely house that was clean as a whistle (as is the case only when you have friends coming over for lunch) and she had this big, delicious, black leather lounge in her lounge room. I adored it at first sight, but something struck me as odd.

The lounge didn’t have any cushions on it. Not one. Not anywhere in the lounge room could I see a cushion. And this seemed weird to me. Very weird. But I got carried away in catching up and enjoying her and her husband’s company (while her boys watched movies and played games on the said lounge) that I didn’t think to ask her why she had this weird side to her home life that I had never known about. Doesn’t everybody have cushions on their lounge?

But it seems this oddity has stuck with me for a very long time. Because the other day I realised why! It’s taken me some time, but now I get it. Now I understand why my friend Jenny could have such a cool home but no cushions on the lounge.

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No matter how many times I artfully place those cushions on the couch, this is how I walk into find them later. Every.Single.Time.

It’s because of the kids! And probably husband too. It’s only now I realise that with children and husbands around I cannot keep one single cushion on my lounge, not even for one day. I just pick the cushions up constantly. I’ve asked them all to pick the cushions up, multiple times, multiple days (you know when you sound like a parrot – squawk, pick the cushions up, squawk pick the cushions up), I’ve tried having nice talks to them about the said cushions, but they just don’t get it.

So now it’s come to this: the cushions are off permanently. Yes, it’s hard for me to face, but the cushions are off and staying off for a few years now. So while I continue to love and adore cushions, it will all be from afar.

Do you have cushions on the lounge at your place? How do you keep them on there?