DIY cake pop kits

How are your cake decorating skills?

Do you enjoy the running all over town sourcing decorating tools and ingredients? Do you enjoy the hours needed to make your baked goods look like an edible work of art? Do you love looking at what you’ve created and feeling just a little bit smug at your mad decorating skills?

DIY cake pop kits

Well, if you’re anything like me your answers to those questions would be No, No and Yes.

You see I WOULD like to be able produce party treats that look amazing, but the problem is, I don’t have alot of time, I don’t know where to source all the gear I need, and recipes don’t really give you a step by step guide as how to achieve the results of your dreams. Case in point: a certain birthday cake I made for my then one year old. If you mention the words marshmallow fondant Iggle Piggle, I could well turn into a drooling lunatic rocking in the corner. At 2am when this thing STILL wasn’t finished, I had to use all my strength to suppress the overwhelming desire to throw both the cake and the fondant at the fridge, and let out a blood curdling scream that would have attracted the attention of the police I’m sure.

So you can imagine my delight at finding out about Yummy Projects.

DIY cake pop kits

My boys would LOVE making these!

Yummy Projects are DIY cake pop kits, that are delivered to your door with everything you need (except butter and eggs in some cases) to produce eye catching works of art that the kids will not only love eating, but will love helping you make as well.

In the box you will find:

  • all dry ingredients to make pops
  • all the decorating gear including the fondant/decorating sugar etc.
  • step by step instruction book (yay!)
  • flatpack decorating stand with ribbon.

Seriously everything you need. If you’ve got butter and eggs in the fridge, you will not have to leave the house to produce impressive cake pops, bikki pops, and mallow pops yourself.

DIY cake pop kits

PERFECT for a princess party

The kits range in skill level from really easy mallow pops and bikki pops to the cake pops that have a moderate difficulty rating.

Once you’ve created your masterpieces, the kit includes the patented cake pop stand which tops off the presentation and will leave your guests seriously impressed with your mad decorating skills! The cake pop stand is reusable as well, so after the pops have been demolished you can pack it up for next time.

For more information on the kits, and to find out everything you need to know, head over to the Yummy Project website and Facebook page where you’ll find the full range of pops. They’re perfect for your next party, and check out the Christmas Pops- available now.

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