Right now it seems like those school holidays went super fast. There were slow and sluggish mornings of lounging around the house, staying in pyjamas for an eternity, eating late and long breakfasts, and watching a bit of TV or fort building or making Lego cities across the lounge room floor. We had those mornings, we had a few of them. But now I can barely remember them, because the real deal has begun.

That’s right, we’re back in to school. It might be the same for you, or your scenario might be school and kindy, or school and day care, or two different schools, or even three different schools, any which way you look at it, we’re right back into THAT! And that is crazy mornings where everybody is in slow motion but the clock is running at double time.

It’s funny (not really) that now is the time the kids really start sleeping in. All through the holidays they kept waking at their usual time. For me it’s 6am, on a good day it’s 6.45am. My poor girlfriend has four boys who all wake between 4am and 5am – yikes! But now that school is starting my kids seem to want to sleep in until 7am or 7.30am. That’s what I wanted on the holidays! Not on school days, when we’ve got to be out the door at 8.30am at the latest.

Then there’s getting back in to the swing of packing lunch boxes. Obviously I still fed the kids while they were on holidays, but there weren’t any lunch boxes. And somehow no lunchboxes just seemed easier. It must be the no forward-planning of another meal, another morning tea, another afternoon tea, and packing drink bottles. But now it’s the juggle of what to prepare the night before and what has to be done in the morning. As well as managing the ‘I don’t like that anymore …’

And what about the calls of ‘mum, where’s my shirt?’, which is closely followed by where’s my shorts, and the runner up being where are my shoes. These calls can’t be answered anymore with ‘just grab something else out of your drawers’. No, it’s not that simple. There are uniforms to be worn, and messy, paint-friendly kindy clothes to wear too. Plus hats, and bags, and more.

It’s all part of the school morning swing of things. It’s the way we’re going to spend at least half of our year. And it’s just the way things go … until Saturday! Oh unless you have weekend sport, then it might be until Sunday. But then there might be other commitments. Let’s face it, it’s the swing of things until the next school holidays.

We love Spelling City to help us with the learning elements of our school day. We also love Reading Eggs…. and we cannot wait until Book Week this year!!

How’s your school morning routine – have you got any tips for smoother school mornings, maybe you use a chart to help keep kids on track?