Eat Out With Kids relies on knowing the places that work for YOUR family.

Got a favourite spot to take the kids for morning tea?

Know a great cafe next door to a park?

Celebrate family occasions at a family friendly restaurant?

Know a pub with a great playground for the kids?

Well, we want to know about it!

Leave a Review

You don’t need to register to leave a review of a place already on the site. Just use the star system and leave a comment in the box, both of which are below the listing.

Add Your Favourite Place

In the top right hand corner of the website you’ll find the link to take you to the add listing page. This is free, so add the details, and any original photos (please don’t use photos already on other websites) if you have them, because we’d LOVE to hear your favourites! If you have ANY problems, just e-mail the restaurant name, city and why you love it to and we’ll add it to the site. We will send you a kid’s book for you trouble. If you add the place via the site- just shoot me an e-mail that you’ve added it with your postal details, and I’ll shoot you a book. Well, I’ll get it to you via Australia post!

(All comments and business listings are moderated. Eat Out With Kids does not condone false or defamatory information.)

Add your city/town

Can’t find where you live on the site? Fear not- your town or city can be added, and we will investigate child friendly dining where you live. Just send an e-mail to with your town, and any child friendly places you already know, and like magic, they will be on the site before you can say Yackandandah.

Are you a Blogger?

If you have your own blog, and would like to do a review of somewhere you ate with your family, we’d be overjoyed to link to that blog post from this site. This will provide you with a valuable link that Google lurves! Don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions