Lady Marmalade

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Lady Marmalade is a top brunch spot in Stone’s Corner where the food and coffee is divine and the ambiance is bohemian funk. But is it child friendly?

Well, it depends on a few things. Mainly the age of your kids, and your need for things like high chairs and change facilities. If you need those, then maybe not, but if your kids are old enough to sit at the table and enjoy good food, then it’s great. Lady Marmalade have outstanding service, and are REALLY welcoming. But if siting over a relaxing brunch on a main road isn’t really going to sit well with your young kids, all is not lost.

Just across Cleveland Street is a  bike path and a choices of playground. A long lazy brunch with spouse is perfect at Lady Marmalade, but when the  little diners are in tow, get the coffee and food to go, and  head across the road where there’s plenty of room to ride the bike, and playgrounds to play on. Whether you eat in, or take away to the park, Lady Marmalade is well worth a visit for the food, the service and because well, it’s just spot on.

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