There are some things that I really struggle with, Ok there are lots of things I struggle with, but this one costs me money. And it doesn’t seem to matter what I do, something always happens to make me late so I pay, time and time again.

Its library books borrowed from the council library. They’re a big catch 22 for me. I want to show my children the importance of reading not just at school, and not just books from school. I want to help them see how good our local libraries can be – with all the different sorts of books, magazines, audio and DVDs they can borrow.

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And my kids do get it. They want to borrow practically everything they can get their hands on! They want to borrow books that are at their level, they want to borrow picture books, they want to borrow magazines, they want to borrow music and of course, they want to borrow movies!

It’s great, it’s just what I wanted. And of course it shouldn’t cost a single cent – another good lesson for the kids. But every single time we borrow from the council library, we end up with something missing when it’s time to make our returns.

In the days leading up to the return date we start collecting all the library-owned things together. I pull out the borrowing receipt that lists all of the fantastic literary pieces we’ve brought home, and start checking them off to take back.

But there is always something missing – just one book, one disc, a disc case, or the two of them together (which can sometimes make them easier to find). And this is despite the ‘rules’ we have in place about where we keep the library borrowings – set aside from our other books and discs.

The places that I’ve found some of these things will be familiar to you – down behind the bed, under the lounge cushions, these kinds of places are reasonably easy for search and recovery. But when things get put in to bags that are then put in to cupboards, it gets tricky.

The last, most costly item we had was a DVD, not in its cover. I searched the usual places – around the beds, under the lounge, throughout our own DVD collection, in the toy boxes, and under rugs. It was driving me literally mad trying to find this disc.

It was getting a long time past its return due date, we were up to nearly 30 days overdue – even after the librarians extended the borrowing as much as they could. Then I got a letter from council saying that I’d have to pay for the replacement if it wasn’t returned. So I explained to the kids that they would in fact have to pay out of their own pocket money if we couldn’t find and return the disc. This was good motivation and to their credit, the kids did a good job of searching for the disc.

Until one day, when I was dusting the TV cabinet I picked up the entire DVD unit to do a proper dusting job, and there all silver and shiny was the missing disc. I almost jumped strait in the car to run it back to the library like a crazed woman as excited as if she’d won lotto!

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This is not my house.

So tell me, what is the strangest place that you’ve found lost and overdue library books around your house?

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