Ouch, ouch, ouch … watch your step!

You’ll know this I’m sure, but just to check, here’s the scenario … The warm weather’s here and my feet which have been wrapped in socks or stockings, or safely tucked away in ballet flats or runners all winter, are making their first big venture out into the sunshine.

OK, so I really need to first get a pedi at my local beauty salon or nail spa. But if you’re anything like me, you couldn’t wait or just weren’t organised to get it done before the first sandal wear of the season. So we’ve slapped on a layer of our own polish, then another, and another. Oh look, and its wearing off again, so it needs another coat again.

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But the whole ouch, ouch part of this, and the major reason we have to have a pedi, is to reinforce our toes. Yes, that’s right, reinforce our toes as they leave the safety of closed-in-shoes and become de-sensitised to the outside world. Or more correctly, de-sensitised to the stomping, kicking and tripping feet of the little people who swarm by our side.

While we love our babies to bits, this is one of their least endearing qualities – the ability to line up our most sensitive of toes (for me it’s the middle toe on my right foot) and step on it! Now usually this is done innocently. Those cherubs just want to be close, to hang on to our dress, lift up our skirt, wipe sticky food on us … and this is the accidental icing on the cake!

Don’t get me wrong, I really do love their affection, little kisses, and tender touches, but it doesn’t matter how many times I say ‘watch your step’, or ‘please don’t step on mummy’s toes’, it just seems that the message doesn’t get through.

Sometimes I’ve wondered about whether or not this is an issue related to hand-eye coordination or in my very layman’s / mum terms – brain to body coordination. I know that is extreme, they are just kids, learning to walk, run, climb and experience the world. But the reality is, it takes me a while to desensitise my toes.

For this reason, if you pass me at the shops with the kids and you hear a ‘watch your step’ or see me near a café saying ‘ouch, ouch, ouch’, please know that I’m doing the best I can. You might hear it from other mums too, or just see them wincing with pain (are your eye’s watering thinking about this?).

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So until we’ve all had a chance for our feet to toughen up against the kids again, and until we’ve gotten our shellac reinforcing to make our toe nails pretty and strong, let’s be kind to each other. Keep the kids off our toes – literally!

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