There’s nothing to much more child friendly than a picnic.

Don’t have to worry about the mess, plenty of space for toddlers who like to get up and move around, and usually there’s a great view involved.

Doyles on the Wharf certainly deliver with that last one. Sitting on the wharf at Watson’s Bay, the view from Doyles and the adjacent park over Sydney Harbour is spectacular.

So while this isn’t really a review of a child friendly restaurant (I’m not sure that Doyles Restaurant is child friendly), the take away and bistro certainly is. Grabbing some take away fish and chips and sitting in the┬áRobertson Park is a mighty fine way to spend a lunch time or for an early dinner (it closes at 6pm).

There is the option of sitting in the bistro on the ferry side of the building- it’s not overly large however, and a relaxing picnic would be far more child friendly.

Whether you live in Sydney or are visiting Sydney with the kids to see the sights, a ferry ride to Watson’s Bay and fish and chips in the park is a wonderful way to spend a few hours. The ferry drops you at the wharf, and it’s a very short stroll to Doyles to place your order. They’ve obviously been doing this for quite a while because even on a busy day the service is slick. While someone is waiting for the food, someone else can be staking out the picnic spot. By the time the blanket is down and everyone’s happy, the food will almost be ready.

Then it’s a matter of enjoying the million dollar view while the kids stretch out and wiggle and do whatever they do without bothering anyone too close to you!

In the summer months there’s a small sandy beach there so the kids can also have a splash around after lunch, or you can head up the hill a small way to the playground. At the top of the hill there’s a view over south head which is also spectacular. Well worth the walk up the hill- and a good opportunity to walk off the fish and chips! If you’re very keen there is a decent walk along the cliffs of South Head and Sydney Harbour National Park.

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