Head a small way out of town to breathe the country air and enjoy a child friendly meal at the Samford Valley Hotel.

The results at a glance

  • high chairs available
  • child friendly staff
  • playarea- playground, area to kick a footy and games room.
  • baby change facilites
  • on a busy Sunday there’s not a huge amount of space between the tables

So you don’t get to enjoy a lazy Sunday lunch as much as before you had kids? Well a trip to Samford and the Samford Valley Hotel might be just what you’re looking for. The kids will be kept well entertained in the playground, games room or playing with the footy while you get to enjoy your meal. The play area is fenced, and many of the tables have a good view to the play area. High chairs and baby change facilities make it easier with the littlest of diners as well. The Samford Valley Hotel is well worth a visit.