Value for money 4
Variety of kids menu 4
Portion sizes 5
Food quality 4
Special dietary options 4
How likely are you to recommend venue? 4

On a scale of 5-Excellent to 1-Poor

Sassafras Canteen is a cherished institution in Paddington with a breezy share house vibe and healthy array of food options. The inside seating is cozy and brings the rustic charm of Queensland architecture while the outside options make the most of our fabulous weather.

The food is hearty and very generous– you can happily share from these meals as there is more than enough to go around. The kitchen is happy to accommodate any dietary restrictions and there is a sense that leisurely meals are encouraged.


Staff Friendliness 5
Willingness to accommodate kids 5
Prompt delivery of meals 5
Additional services like child care N/A

On a scale of 5-Excellent to 1-Poor

Our waiter was friendly and accommodating and even though we had a mix up with our seating it was swiftly sorted and we could order promptly– essential as Mr Celiac was bemoaning utter starvation. An adjacent bookshelf of toys and books kept them all entertained until the food arrived. The drinks arrived quickly and I was thrilled with the ‘Sassaffogato’: icecream, chocolate, espresso. It’s what parenting should taste like. The meals were hearty which was lucky as Mr Celiac rejected his breakfast and scavenged off ours. How he survives on garnish is a marvel.


High chairs and change tables 4
Room for prams and strollers 4
Dedicated play area N/A
Can parents see into play space N/A
Caters to all age groups 4
Is safely fenced and away from bar 4
Is there adequate parking? 4

On a scale of 5-Excellent to 1-Poor

The homely atmosphere meant the kids felt really comfortable… to act like utter devils. It was great to go to a cafe when your children are being monsters and see how it all plays out. The staff were lovely and really attentive when we needed fresh drinks but avoided us when there were moments of peace.


The open house feeling is perfect to sequester the kids in a corner or quiet patch of the outside area and set them up with toys to play merrily while you sip coffee and chat.


The kids eat free deal is excellent value and really worth doing.


The bathroom has a change table and there is a water bowl for the pets and crawling infants who won’t leave it alone.