I wouldn’t be surprised if Willow & Spoon diverted traffic when it moved from Samford Rd to Newmarket Rd– there are plenty of reasons to drive here. The new location still has the charming homely feel of a Queenslander house having a delightful garden party.

The seating is split over two levels so couples and inner city urbanites can enjoy the upstairs ambiance while large groups and families can happily disturb each other with play and laughter in the downstairs area and garden play space.

Our coffee and cold pressed juice arrived swiftly as we reviewed the menus. Of course in the few nanoseconds it took to rebuke one child for licking the menu (don’t even ask, such a weirdo) the baby had upended it’s juice over the table. One of the amazing wait staff was at my elbow in seconds using the luxe napkins to mop it up. Not even a single eyeroll: priceless.

The menus are impeccably presented with a great range of options and a very flexible kids menu. When Mr Celiac bemoaned once again he couldn’t have pancakes with Nutella and ice cream our waiter offered to replace the pancakes with gluten free banana bread and voila! we had sugar high kids before 9am. Luckily there was an impeccably kept lawn and ride on toys to keep them busy between the chasm of ordering and receiving food.

The meals were of a very substantial size and we didn’t even order for the baby– he ate a breakfast degustation of our scraps. The kids were ecstatic with their amazing dessert I mean breakfast and my partner and I both sneered at each other’s choices and devoured our own meals as is our custom.

He had the ‘big breakfast’ (called the “big Al”) which had a pulled pork and spicy chorizo addition along with the standard bacon and eggs. My smashed avocado was well balanced with a strong citrus tang from the grilled lemon I squeezed liberally.

The open play space, hearty meals and sequestered seating makes Willow & Spoon a must for families looking to get out for a meal or a great child friendly choice to meet friends and family. It is central enough to be convenient (with lots of off street parking in surrounding streets) and contained enough to keep everyone safe. The menu rotates often so it’s worth stopping in regularly to try the delicious fare and treat the kids to good food in a relaxed atmosphere.

Make your reservations with Willow & Spoon on 07 33527927 or check out the menu on their website.