Saabi on Manson

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Saabi is open very early in the morning during the week, so if your kids are up at the crack of dawn and you’re lucky enough to live close by, you can wander down with the pram and the dog for an early morning brew. You’ll find a gorgeous cafe and a delightful bunch of people.

Here’s the results at a glance

  • high chairs available
  • no baby change
  • there’s space outside and out the back for prams.
  • child friendly staff (the staff get an extra big tick- they really are delightful and very community minded)
  • there’s some books to keep the kid’s distracted
  • plenty of child friendly food

There are a couple of seating options at Saabi- inside near the counter is fairly squeezy, but there’s a room out the back from there where you’ll easily fit the pram, and give the toddlers a little breathing space. There’s an alfresco area with some bench seating, which is another area that’s kid friendly. You can also park your dog near that area too!

Sharing is caring!

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