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Do you find that as a parent you always have a couple of band aids tucked in your wallet or slipped away in your hand bag? I didn’t for a long time, but once I did they were like a magic little pill. When I was out with toddler and pre-school aged kids, it seemed like every second day we needed band aids.

When the kids are little and working out their gross motor skills – you know the bigger movements of their arms, legs, feet and even their entire body – as they learned to walk, run, jump, climb, skip and hop, over all the little obstacles that were BIG obstacles in their lives, it seemed like they’d nearly always get a little graze or scratch, along with a few tears.

And even as their fine motor skills advance, as they learned to use their own scissors, pick leaves and flowers in the garden (and find thorns and prickles) , wield sticks and even throw the occasional stones, there was nearly always a little bubble of blood on a tiny finger, knee or toes to tend to.

That’s when the band aid showed its mighty power. It was there to save the day, it covered up those little spots of blood, those patches of grazed skin. I don’t know what it was, but once my kids got a band aid on (and it may have been something I said too) but everything seemed to be so much better again. The tears would stop and we’d keep going with our walk or game or general play.

child friendly cafes Melbourne

And do you have this now? Things started to change. We started to go through phases of not really needing a band aid but still asking for one. Ok, it started out as asking, then pleading, maybe whining and possibly crying. And it was all for something like a mozzie bite, or the scratch they got last week (that was healing really nicely mind you).

Or the phase where the kids just saw the box of band aids and wanted one for the sake of it. I have to tell you, I had to ration out band aids at one stage. There was a limit of one per child per day!

So while I once loved the cute characters on the band aids, Disney characters, Superman, Spiderman, Cars, Dora, Princesses, Mr Men, Little Misses and more, I grew to curse myself for bringing them into the house. I wished that I’d only ever stuck to the plain old skin toned band aids, the ones that had very little attraction for the kids at all.

But it’s just another phase of our kids growing up I guess  – one to cherish, one not to let ourselves go crazy over, and one, where once it’s gone, we long for it back again.

Do you have a crazy story to share about your kids and band aids?