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I don’t know about you, but I struggle with ideas on what to feed the ever hungry toddler between meals.

Snack ideas are a constant battle for me, particularly in the afternoon when you don’t want them to fill up too much.

So I decided to ask the Eat Out With Kids Facebook community for their ideas, and we got plenty. Thanks everyone!

child friendly restaurants MelbourneYou can probably tell, bananas, yoghurt and fruit are quite popular.

And why not- quick, nutritious and delicious.

Other ideas that I loved were arrowroot biscuits, vegemite toast, nuts/trail mix, museli bars, quiche, popcorn and avocado on toast.

Some other ideas some parents were brave to admit was Freddo Frog, BBQ Shapes and whatever’s in the pantry! Couldn’t agree more, sometimes you just need to grab something, and a Freddo Frog once in a while is a great treat! But I’m not a nutritionist šŸ˜‰

Some of the ideas I loved because it incorporates some fine motor skills ANDĀ doubles up as an activity.

These include sultanas in a box- they take a while to eat and then the box is something to play with.

Grated cheese- fine motor skills and they take ages to eat it. Frozen peas and blueberries for the same reason

Vegies and hommus/dip. It’s an interactive eating activity to keep them occupied.



Sometimes snack time is messy time!

Do you have a go-to toddler snack idea? Do tell! Let us know in the box below where it says Post Your Review. (It will come up as a comment.)

And now onto something a bit controversial while we’re discussing toddler snacks on a child friendly cafe forum…

Cafe, restaurant and play centre owners often have a sign somewhere saying no outside food. Some people don’t think that’s fair, but I have to say I agree with it. They work really hard to provide a great space where we can relax and enjoy other people’s company. Bringing in food from outside reduces their bottom line and makes it harder for them to survive. Obviously there is exceptions like food for babies, and specialised food requirements if they can’t be provided by the cafe. But if I’m heading off to a cafe with my kids, I don’t take snacks, I support the business I’m going to.

What say you? Do you think it’s fair restaurants and cafes have a no outside food policy?

Let us know in the box below that says “Post Your Review”.