Zest Coffee Tugun | PERMANENTLY CLOSED :(

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Zest Coffee Tugun is a vibrant Café nestled in the heart of the beautiful beachside village of Tugun on the southern end of the Gold Coast. Popular amongst the locals and tourists alike for an all day breakfast and lunch menu that appeals to all tastes and different dietary requirements.

This place is run by just about the friendliest people on the face of the planet. We were welcomed with a smile and shown around to everything we needed for our meal, like highchairs and the play area.


Value for money 4
Variety of kids menu 5
Portion sizes 5
Food quality 5
Special dietary options 5
How likely are you to recommend venue? 5

On a scale of 5-Excellent to 1-Poor

The menu selection was limited but packed punch! There was something for everyone, including several options for vegetarians. An additional bonus was the nutritional value in every option (with a sneaky side of fries to keep us smiling). Kids were offered so much more than fish fingers, with my son devouring a mini beef burger made on brioche. I was pretty tempted to order the fairy bread for myself, but instead we topped our meals of with a smoothie and freshly squeezed juice, which brought the ‘zest’!

Delicious Campos coffee is on offer, as well as those freshly made juices and smoothies. The fridges are also stocked with a mouth-watering selection of cakes, slices, biscuits, protein balls and scones. Great to grab if you are headed down to the beach.


Staff Friendliness 5
Willingness to accommodate kids 5
Prompt delivery of meals 5
Additional services like child care N/A

On a scale of 5-Excellent to 1-Poor

You would be hard-pressed to find better service on the coast.


High chairs and change tables 5
Room for prams and strollers 5
Dedicated play area 5
Can parents see into play space 5
Caters to all age groups 5
Is safely fenced and away from bar 5
Is there adequate parking? 5

On a scale of 5-Excellent to 1-Poor

We parked right outside, and although we didn’t have a pram, there was plenty of space to tuck one away. But the most amazing convenience was their fenced ‘kids zone’ tucked away at the side of the restaurant. It meant we could walk in and literally plonk Mr. Almost-two to the side while we casually perused the menu AND subsequently waited for our order to arrive, all while watching him happily examine toys and make ‘artistic’ additions to the chalk mural.


Zest seems to seamlessly cater for both the ‘parenting’ and the ‘casual café stop’ worlds. One side of the café had the play area with cute imagery to occupy the kids, while the rest of the cafe had a beautiful lime mural and cool furnishings, which made me feel like a normal person, if just for an while.


Balance – it’s the best of both worlds.


Zilch. Zip. Nada.




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