REVIEW: Dayboro Pub – The Famous Crown Hotel with Kids

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The Crown Hotel Dayboro is as much a landmark as it is a pub!  If you’re heading out for a day in Dayboro (and it’s thoroughly recommended!) lunch at the Dayboro Pub is pretty much essential.

It’s “pub grub” – there’s nothing fancy here.  That doesn’t mean it’s not worth experiencing the mountain view and the quirky “classic Aussie pub” feel!  The Dayboro Crown Hotel has stood on this spot since the 1890s and parts of the original building remain – so it’s an experience right out of the history books.

Dayboro’s iconic Crown Hotel may be a must do stop for history lovers, but does it hold much interest for kids?

dayboro crown hotel

Dayboro Pub and Kids

Dayboro Pub isn’t especially well set up for kids.  Most of the patrons are (friendly) bikers out for a ride through the stunning local scenery.  The Dayboro Hotel’s famous Sunday afternoon bands and beers are especially unsuitable for young kids!  The area however is a wonderful place to take children, with beautiful river crossings and hiking spots – and it’s rate to find this traditional piece of Australia’s heritage on our door step.  So, for the history lesson alone, it’s worth taking kids for a meal.

Kids will also love the magnificent Moreton Bay fig trees on the pub’s doorstep.  They’re amazing to see, but no climbing is allowed!

Crown Hotel’s kid friendly features

It’s a short list I’m afraid.  After ordering some pretty ordinary and full priced meals, we asked the bar man for a glass of milk – $4 for a small cup of milk…. hmmm.

  • high chairs available
  • good access with a ramp for the pram (through back door only)
  • good amount of space
  • outdoor/casual dining

Check out the Dayboro hotel menu via their Facebook page.

Dayboro pub grub no kids meals at dayboro crown hotel

Make a family day of it!

The real draw card is the surrounding area, a perfect day out for kids, parents and grandparents.  Eating at the Crown Hotel is simply a “must do” tourist thing rather than a main draw card!  Near the Dayboro Crown pub you’ll find:

Lees Road Crossing

A good swimming spot for adults and kids.

Lees Road Crossing near the Dayboro Pub

Glover Road Crossing

This is another excellent swimming spot for kids – ideal for littler swimmers.

Glover Road Crossing

  • Lake Samsonvale
  • Llama Walk

Getting to the Crown Hotel

The Crown Hotel is located on the top of Dayboro’s main street, surrounded by a quaint little town bursting with antique shops and bits and bobs of interest.

The main roads to Dayboro from greater Brisbane come via Samford.  Samford Road via Enoggera is the quickest access from Brisbane’s north west and Mt Nebo road is the best access for southern suburbs. From Brisbane’s north east and Moreton Bay Region, take Gympie Road to Petrie and then cross onto Dayboro Road at the Petrie roundabout.  Access to Dayboro Road is also available via Young’s Crossing Road.

Depending on the path you take from Brisbane you’ll find:

The famous dayboro pub

The Crown Hotel might be an iconic Queensland pub but it’s not great for kids and the food’s not wonderful for adults either.  It is however THE Dayboro Pub and well worth a visit for “old time’s sake”.

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