16 Kid Friendly Restaurants in Melbourne

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Are you looking for kid friendly restaurants in Melbourne, VIC ? Then you’re in the right place. Here is a list of 17 of the best child friendly restaurants, pubs, and cafes, in the Melbourne CBD, as well as surrounding suburbs.

When it comes to dining out as a family, the best kid friendly restaurants Melbourne are a win for an easy lunch or dinner. If you’re looking for ‘kid friendly restaurants near me’, this article will list all the child friendly restaurants Melbourne, whether you’re on the hunt for child-friendly eateries in the CBD or surrounding suburbs.

Without further ado, here are a handful of family friendly restaurants Melbourne worth checking out. 

Kid Friendly restaurants in Melbourne CBD

1. Din Tai Fung 

Kid friendly restaurants Melbourne
Din Tai Fung appetizing food display

For families in the mood for dumplings and more, Din Tai Fung is the perfect option. The restaurant is packed to the brim with sharing plates, dumplings, soups, rice, and more, with an array of flavours to suit every taste bud. Some tasty dishes to look forward to include the pork dumplings, chicken soup, black pepper beef, shrimp and pork wonton noodle soup, and egg fried rice with crumbed chicken fillet. For dessert, the kids can look forward to an assortment of delicious ice cream flavours, such as matcha, macadamia, and tiramisu. To see the full menu or to make a booking, head to the Din Tai Fung website. 

Address: 4 Emporium, 287 Lonsdale St, Melbourne VIC 3000

Check out the Din Tai Fung website for more information.

2. Pilgrim Bar

Kid friendly restaurants Melbourne
Pilgrim bar delicious lunch

The Pilgrim Bar is located along the Federation Wharf, with a delightful range of delicious, kid-friendly food for everyone to enjoy. The menu includes cold meats and cheese, toasties, and sweets. Plus, there’s also an assortment of smaller share meals, including wedges, hummus, tuna sashimi, chicken wings, lamb ribs, salad, and more. For the full menu or to plan your visit, head to the Pilgrim Bar website. 

Address: 15-19 Federation Wharf, Melbourne VIC 3000

Visit the Pilgrim Bar website to find out more.

3. Transport Public Bar

The Transport Public Bar in Federation Square has a generous selection of kid-friendly meals for children to choose from. For only $16.5, kids can enjoy either chicken nuggets, the cheeseburger, dagwood dog, chicken parmigiana, or battered fish. Otherwise, for parents, there’s pub classics, street food, salad, sandwiches, burgers, fish and chips, pizza, and sweets. To see the full menu or to plan your visit, head over to the Transport Public Bar website. 

Address: Ground Level, Transport Hotel, Federation Square, Melbourne VIC 3000

Follow the link here to find out more.

4. +39 Pizzeria 

Kid friendly restaurants Melbourne
+39 Pizzeria delicious pizza

Families craving Italian can head to Little Bourke Street’s +39 Pizzeria, with plenty of pasta and pizza flavours to look forward to. The pizza menu includes Margherita, parmigiana, prawns and zucchini, pecorino and peppers, and more. As for pasta, there’s linguine, lasagna, gnocchi, risotto, and more. To see the full menu or to plan your family visit, head to the +39 Pizzeria website. 

Address: 362 Little Bourke St, Melbourne VIC 3000

Take a look at the +39 Pizzeria website to find out more.

5. Pretty Boy 

Kid friendly restaurants Melbourne
Pretty Boy burger, chips, and drink meal display

Another worthy Italian spot in the Melbourne CBD, plotted on Little Lonsdale Street, is Pretty Boy – home to an exciting kid’s menu to leave everyone feeling satisfied. The offering includes plenty of favourites, such as spaghetti bolognese, fish and chips, a cheeseburger with chips, chicken schnitzel with mash potato, and plenty more. To drink, there’s milkshakes, soft drinks, and juices, while dessert includes ice cream, panna cotta or a chocolate volcano cake. To see the full menu or to plan your visit, head to the Pretty Boy website. 

Address: Level 1/399 Little Lonsdale St, Melbourne VIC 3000

Check out the Pretty Boy website for more details.

6. Mr. Tulk

Whether you’re stopping by for breakfast or lunch, Mr. Tulk on Swanston Street offers a delightful range of kid-friendly food for the whole family to enjoy. The breakfast menu includes classics such as baked muffins, fruit loaf, avocado on toast, fresh fruit with yoghurt, muesli, eggs, and more. On the other hand, lunch includes poached chicken, soup, salmon, salad, and more. Head over to the Mr. Tulk website to browse the full menu or to plan your visit. 

Address: 328 Swanston St, Melbourne VIC 3000

Click here to find out more.

7. Riverland Bar

Kid friendly restaurants Melbourne
Riverland Bar appetizing hotdog

The Riverland Bar is the perfect spot for families looking for a kid-friendly lunch or dinner, with child’s meals priced at $13 each. The menu includes favourites such as schnitzel with chips, fish and chips, and a Mac n’ cheese with salad. For parents, there’s plenty of sharing options, such as chips, hummus, popcorn shrimp, wings, calamari, pork belly, and more. To see the full menu or to plan your visit, head to the Riverland Bar website. 

Address: Federation Wharf 1-9 Melbourne, VIC 3000

Visit the link here to view their website.

8. Tim Ho Wan

Kid friendly restaurants Melbourne
Tim Wo Han dumplings

Those in the mood for delicious Asian cuisine can swing by Tim Ho Wan on Bourke Street in the CBD, with a large assortment of flavours the whole family can appreciate. The menu includes vermicelli rolls, rice, noodles, dumplings, spring rolls, and heaps more. Plus, for those eager to finish off the meal with something sweet, there’s egg tarts, mango sago pomelo, and more. Head over to the Tim Ho Wan website to browse the full menu or to plan your visit. 

Address: 206 Bourke St, Melbourne VIC 3000

To check out their official Facebook page, click here.

Kid Friendly restaurants in Melbourne suburbs 

9. Leroy’s Cafe 

Leroy’s Cafe is a great option for families on the hunt for a kid-friendly breakfast or lunch, with plenty of child-friendly menu items to satisfy everyone. For breakfast, kids have the choice of either coco pops, porridge, yoghurt and granola, eggs and bacon, toasted cheese sandwich, or pancakes. As for lunch, there’s mini cheeseburgers, nuggets, calamari, and chips. To see the full menu or to plan your visit, head to the Leroy’s Cafe website. 

Address: 5 Mason St, Newport VIC 3015

For more information, visit the Leroy’s Cafe facebook page.

10. Mr. Burton 

Kid friendly restaurants Melbourne
Mr Burton delicious food platter display

Prices for the kid-friendly meals at Mr. Burton range from $6 to $10, with a variety to suit every member of the family. The kid’s menu includes fish and chips, nuggets and chips, cheese and Vegemite toasted sandwiches, hotcakes, and scrambled eggs. To drink, there’s the chocolate and banana smoothie. Head to the website to browse the full menu or to plan your visit to Mr. Burton. 

Address: 199 High St, Ashburton VIC 3147

Visit the Mr Burton website to find out more.

11. Mr. Wolf

Mr. Wolf is located in St Kilda and has a range of delicious Italian dishes for families to dig into. For the kids, the menu includes the choice of pizza, lasagne, or spaghetti veal with pork meatballs. Plus, if the meal is ordered before 6:30 pm, kids can enjoy a free sundae. For the parents, there’s antipasti, schnitzel, gnocchi, pizza, salad, and more. Head over to the Mr. Wolf website for more information or to plan your visit. 

Address: 9-15 Inkerman St, St Kilda VIC 3182

View the Mr Wolf website for more information.

12. Motorino 

Kid friendly restaurants Melbourne
Motorino delicious pizza

Located in South Kingsville, Motorino is another Italian spot in Melbourne that’s worth visiting with the entire family. The menu includes plenty of classics, including a generous assortment of pasta and pizza flavours to satisfy everyone. Head to the Motorino website to browse the full menu or to plan your visit. 

Address: 29A Vernon St, South Kingsville VIC 3015

Click here to find out more.

13. Farm Cafe

Located in Abbotsford, the Farm Cafe is home to a variety of kid-friendly meals to satisfy the little ones. The menu includes breakfast and lunch items such as toast, poached eggs, sausage rolls, beans, ham and cheese sandwiches, and more. Prices for kids meals range around $6. To finish off the meal, there’s also an ice cream cup with sprinkles and toppings. To drink, the kids can choose between milkshakes, babycino, or hot chocolate. To see the full menu or to plan your visit, head to the Farm Cafe website. 

Address: Collingwood Children’s Farm, 18 St Heliers St, Abbotsford VIC 3067

Visit the Farm Cafe website for more details.

14. Cowderoy’s Dairy

Families looking for a kid-friendly breakfast in St Kilda can consider a visit to Cowderoy’s Dairy. The cafe serves up plenty of delicious foods specifically for the little ones, such as toast, soft boiled eggs, toasted sandwiches, and banana porridge. For lunch, there’s sandwiches, juice, fruit, and more. Prices range from $6 to $12.50. Head over to the Cowderoy’s Dairy website to browse the full menu or to book a table.

Address: 14 Cowderoy St, St Kilda West VIC 3182

Take a look at the Cowderoy’s Dairy website for more information.

15. Republica 

Kid friendly restaurants Melbourne
Republica appetizing burger

Located on the water at St Kilda, Republica has plenty of kid-friendly meals on offer for the little ones to choose between. Children can enjoy either fish and chips, pasta Napoli, a Margherita pizza, or beef bolognese with penne pasta and parmesan. Head to the Republica website to browse the full menu or to make a booking with the restaurant. 

Address: 10/18 Jacka Blvd, St Kilda VIC 3182

Click here to find out more.

16. Cubbyhouse Canteen 

The Cubbyhouse Canteen in Armadale has plenty of healthy kid-friendly meals to choose among. The lineup includes toast, fruit toast, cereal, fruit salad, smashed avocado, scrambled eggs, and more for breakfast. For lunch, there are heaps of sandwiches and salads to enjoy. For more information or to plan your visit to the Cubbyhouse Canteen, head to the restaurant’s Facebook page. 

Address: 43A Union St, Armadale VIC 3143

Follow the link here for more information.

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Kid friendly restaurants in Melbourne

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