Fun Activities to do with the Family Around Brisbane

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With its perfect balance of a cosmopolitan and beach lifestyle, there’s never a shortage of fun for the family in Brisbane, QLD. From delicious, mysterious nights out to sun drenched beach days, we’ve got you and your loved ones covered with our list of Brisbane family activities!

Spend a day at the Queensland Museum

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Brisbane provides its fair share of fun to its young inhabitants, and at Queensland Museum, the whole family can enjoy an entertaining and educational adventure together. While boasting a number of levels with different activities and exhibits, we recommend checking out Level 2, where the kids will love seeing different underwater reptiles and will have a blast running through the huge replica mangroves.

A trip to the Queensland Museum is hardly complete without a visit to the newly renovated Sparklab in the Sciencentre. Here, the kids will love interacting with over 40 exhibits, awaking the little scientists within them.

Enjoy a Beach Day

Scarborough Beach Redcliffe

There’s no doubt about it – Queensland’s warm and tropical climate makes it an outdoor wonderland for the kids to enjoy and run amok in, and with a plethora of sandy, crystal clear beaches cradling the city, a family beach day is always a good idea.

While Brisbane’s best beach is simply too hard to choose, the gentle waves of Cylinder Beach make a perfect spot for surf beginners, while the long sandy stretches on Sutton Beach (a mere 30 minute drive from inner city Brisbane) provide plenty of space for sand castle building, running around and picnicking. For a unique afternoon activity, get to your favourite beach slightly before the sun is due to set so you still have ample time to explore the beach in daylight, then watch the kids play while the sun sinks slowly below the horizon, basking the beach in an orange glow.

Explore exciting South Bank

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Wanting to get the kids out of the house and into the fresh air? The inner city South Bank neighbourhood truly is an outdoor playground, providing adventures and gems for the whole family. The open air oasis boasts 17 hectares of lush, green parkland (perfect for a picnic and play in the sunshine) giving the inner city suburb a friendly feel, while gleaming skyscrapers tower above.

While local cafes, hip bars, restaurants and boutique stores are aplenty (and welcoming to parents looking for a breather), the main attraction of South Bank is undoubtedly Streets Beach, the large man made beach located in the middle of the city. Here, the kids can run amok, building castles in the white sand, or taking a dip in the clear, sparkling lagoon.

Embark on a family mystery picnic

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Take the family on a picnic with a unique and mysterious spin, with AmazingCo’s Brisbane Mystery Picnic.

The family experience provides a unique and delicious day out, and involves you and your loved ones solving a number of clues and riddles that lead you to different boutique food stores in the area. At the food stores, you’ll be collecting a number of delicious food items, with the last clue directing you to your secret (and scenic) picnic spot.

There, you’ll be able to enjoy the fruits of your labour as the kids play and run amok. Take your time solving the clues and collecting the food together, and don’t forget to stop at anything that piques the kids’ (or your) interest along the way. This is a day for adventure and exploring, after all!

Interested in a Mystery Picnic? Check it out here.

Enjoy a Mystery Food Walk

On the lookout for a unique alternative to your usual family nights? Look no further than AmazingCo’s Mystery Food Walk, which leads the whole family on a delicious foodie adventure across town.

Throughout the course of the evening, parents and kids alike will need to band together to solve a number of riddles and clues, leading you all to multiple eateries in the area where you’ll chow down on some seriously delicious prepaid tastings. The experience puts a unique spin on a typical family dinner out, and facilitates plenty of family bonding and fun, sure to go down in the family history books.

Interested in a Mystery Food Walk? Check it out here.

Explore the Man Made Rainforest

Nestled in inner city South Bank, Brisbane’s man made Rainforest Walk provides just as much fun and wonder as its natural counterparts. Kids and adults alike will find themselves immersed in canopies of lush, subtropical greenery (albeit being smack bang in the middle of the city), exploring by ways of an elevated wooden deck the depths of the man made rainforest and its scaly, reptile inhabitants.

Unlike its real-life counterparts situated outside of town and typically requiring an entire day for exploration, the Rainforest Walk is cocooned within the hustle and bustle of Brisbane’s inner city, allowing for a quick and unique activity for families to enjoy.

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