Here’s where I out my age. Kinda.

I was a child of the 70’s and 80’s. By 1985 I was old enough to go out to eat without my parents worrying I was going to embarrass them.

And even though it was a long time ago, I distinctly remember what it was like to eat out with kids. Well, I remember what it was like to eat out with parents!

It wasn’t much fun. It didn’t happen very often either. When it did, it was often a “counter meal” at the pub. Kids meals were a bowl of chips and and our treat was a red lemonade. Once the chips and lemonade were gone we were always very keen to get out of there. The conversation wasn’t nearly exciting enough to us for us to want to hang around too late. So after we nagged to go home for a while, we often fell asleep under the table.

Now when I go out to eat with my kids, the change dining in the environment makes the “counter meal” of the 70’s completely unrecognisable.

We were recently invited to go and check out a new kid on the child friendly dining block- The Wattle. And wow. They’ve thought of everything. It’s quite staggering to compare family meals out  today with the memories from my childhood.

child friendly pub Gold Coast

Restaurants didn’t have an area like this play when I was a kid!

The Wattle has one of the best playgrounds I’ve seen. It’s all enclosed so even on a rainy day, they kids will be able to climb and play. There is a separate section for the under 4’s which is a great idea, and there’s a viewing platform and CCTV.

child friendly restaurant Gold Coast

Under 4’s play area

You’ll be flat out seeing your kids while you’re at The Wattle. That leaves you time to sit back, relax and have a chat to your dining companions. The Wattle is a great spot for a family meal, but also it’s ideal for when you’d like to catch up with a big group. It’s a spacious restaurant and with the playground for the kids, it’s great for gatherings of big groups.


The kid’s menu has all the usuals on it, but also some more healthy options which is great to see. The meals for the grown ups are generous with great choices whether you order the chicken parmigiana where ever you go or whether you like to leave your comfort zone and try something new.

So what say you? What do you remember from going out to eat when you were a kid? Leave a message below in the box that says Post your review.


(Disclosure: The EOWK team were guests of The Wattle but that does not influence our opinion.)