25 Educational Netflix Kids Shows to Have You Homeschooling Like a Boss!

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Netflix kids shows were already massively popular, but in our current climate, it is only going to become more of a *saviour in our hour (read: months) of need*.

To help you choose the best Netflix kids shows we’ve made a list of all the shows suitable for kids to watch when you’re stuck at home. To help you even further we have broken each section into age brackets as suggested by Commonsense Media.

When the homeschooling routine gets tough… the tough turn on Netflix! This is not a time to *win* a screentime battle, this is a time to survive!! Whilst we don’t recommend this be the only string to your homeschooling bow, there is merit in finding an appropriately aged show that your child enjoys to calm any ‘stuck at home’ angst.

The smart home-schooling parents will crowbar these educational Netflix series into their timetables… like a boss!

What are the best Netflix shows for kids by age?

There are SO many different shows you can watch on Netflix. It is tricky to sort the wheat from the chaff. But!! Fret none. We have done the hard yards and all the research for you.

Here is the Get Out with Kids list of best Netflix shows for kids (when getting *out* isn’t an option):

The BEST Netflix shows for 0-5 year olds

1. Justin Time

In Justin’s dreams, he and his imaginary friends Olive and Squidgy travel around the world learning about nature and other cultures. – Watch now

2. Puffin Rock

Netflix Shows

Life is sweet on beautiful Puffin Rock, where puffling Oona, her baby brother Baba and their friends learn about nature, friendship and family. – Watch now

3. Ask the Storybots

Netflix Shows

Five curious little creatures track down he answers to kids’ biggest questions, like how night happens or why we need to brush our teeth. – Watch now

4. Word Party

Netflix Shows

Meet Bailey, Franny, Kip and Lulu. They’re adorable baby animals and they want you to join the party, to help them learn. – Watch now

5. Luna Petunia

Netflix Kids Shows

With help from her magic toy chest, fun-loving Luna Petunia enters the fantastic land of Amazia, where adventures, friendship and learning await. – Watch now

6. Kazoops

Netflix Kids Shows

Music meets imagination in this inventive animated series about thinking outside the box and having fun. – Watch now

7. Pocoyo

Discovery is the name of the game for friendly toddler Pocoyo in this lifelike and richly colored animated series for preschoolers. – Watch now

8. Super Monsters

Netflix Shows

Preschool kids whose parents are the world’s most famous monsters try to master their special powers while preparing for kindergarten. – Watch now

9. My Little Pony | Friendship Magic

Netflix Kids Shows

Journey to the enchanted land of Equestria, where unicorn Twilight Sparkle and her friends have adventures where they learn about friendship. – Watch now

10. PJ Masks

Netflix Kids Shows

Three six year old kids who live normal lives during the day become superheros at night, fighting crime as team known as PJ Masks. – Watch now

11. Hilda

Netflix Shows

Fearless, free-spirited Hilda finds new friends, adventure and magical creatures when she leaves her enchanted forest home, and journeys to the city. – Watch now

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The BEST Netflix shows for 5-9 year olds

12. Dragons Race to The Edge

Netflix Shows

Hiccup and his friends learn about different species of dragons, that takes them on all sorts of adventures. – Watch now

13. Masha and the Bear

Netflix Shows

Lively little Masha lives near the forest, where she has wonderful adventures with her best friend, a bear who used to be in the circus. – Watch now

14. Carmen Sandiego

Netflix Shows

A master thief who uses her skills for good, Carmen Sandiego travels the world foiling V.I.L.E’s evil plans, with help from her savvy sidekicks. – Watch now

15. The Boss Baby: Back in Business

Netflix Shows

The Boss Baby brings his big brother Tim to the office to teach him the art of business in this animated series sprung from the hit film. – Watch now

16. She-Ra and the Princess of Power

Netflix Shows

Soldier Adora finds a magic sword, and her identity as legendary hero She-Ra. She joins the Rebellion, but her best friend stays with the evil Horde. – Watch now

17. True and the Rainbow Kingdom

Netflix Shows

When something’s wrong in the Rainbow Kingdom, big hearted guardian True and her best friend, Bartleby, are there to grant wishes and save the day. – Watch now

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The BEST Netflix Shows for 9-12 year olds

18. Cheer Squad

Netflix Shows

Follow the Great White Sharks, a world-champion cheerleading squad, as the juggle the pressures of training, school, work and relationships. – Watch now

19. Family Reunion

Netflix Shows

When the McKellan family moves from Seattle to small-town Georgia, life down south and traditional grandparents challenge their big city ways. – Watch now

20. The Healing Powers of Dude

Netflix Shows

On his first day of middle school, Noah’s anxiety is so intense that he can’t make it through the door. Enter Dude, a loveable, emotional support dog. – Watch now

21. Raising Dion

This story follows a single mother named Nicole whose son Dion starts to exhibit mysterious, supernatural abilities shortly after his father’s death. – Watch now

22. All about the Washingtons

Netflix Shows

While Joey settles into a new domestic routine, Justine kick-starts her career with a wildy innovative debut product. – Watch now

The BEST Netflix Shows for 12-15 year olds

23. A-typical

This show is for older kids, but is still great to watch. Interested in having a girlfriend, Sam researches dating advice and outs it to the test. Meanwhile, his overproctecitve mum Elsa, must learn to let it go. – Watch now

24. Haters Back Off

Netflix Shows

Determined to make it big, the confident but clueless Miranda Sings embarks on an unlikely journey for fame. – Watch now

25. The Good Place

Netflix Shows

When Eleanor Shellstrop dies and winds up in an afterlife paradise, reserved for only the most ethical people, she realises that she’s been mistaken for somebody else. – Watch now

25 Educational Netflix kids shows to have you homeschooling like a boss

I think we can all agree that Netflix is a life saver. We would all be SO bored when we’re stuck at home. I mean SUPER DUPER WITH SUGAR ON TOP bored. But step out of that scary universe because this one has Netflix. What are you waiting for? It’s time to start binge watching.

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