17 Ways To Have a Birthday Party When You’re Stuck at Home

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Are you looking for an idea or two for a birthday party at home? Perhaps some fun birthday party games?

Times are tricky at the moment, particularly if you are planning a kids birthday party. Chances are if you have a kids birthday coming up in the next 1-3 months, you might be getting a little nervous about what’s going to happen. Without being able to see friends or extended family, it will probably not be the party that you envisioned.

How do you plan birthday party at home? Where can I get some ideas for an online birthday party? What are the best ways to help my kids celebrate their birthday at home?

It is time to get creative with your at home birthday party plans!

Fret none – we have compiled a whole list of ideas to create and celebrate a birthday party when you’re stuck at home! Whether you want plan a birthday party online or in real life (IRL), we have you sorted!

How to have an online birthday party

So everyone is going to be spending a lot more time a time at home for the next 1-3 months. And if you are having a birthday, that party is going to be different to any party you have had to prepare. But …. we’re here to help. You can now host an EPIC online birthday party and invite ALL THE PEOPLE!

Here are the best online websites and apps you can use to host your child’s online birthday party. 

1. Use Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is a great website/app that you can use to host a virtual birthday party. As long as you have a google account, you can easily use this website (or their mobile app) to have an amazing birthday party while you’re stuck at home. 

2. Use Zoom

Zoom is another great way for you to host an online birthday party. It takes a while to set up, but once it’s up and running, it works super easily. 

3. Use Houseparty

Houseparty has shut down as of October 2021

Houseparty is another wonderful app that you can download on the App Store or Google Play Store. Then just follow the in-app instructions, add your friends, and boom! Now you have an online birthday party.

4. Have a Hypixel Party

If your kids and their friends LOVE to play Minecraft, Hypixel parties are a great way to play the game with their friends. Make sure you are playing the Java edition of Minecraft. This is super easy to set up too. Open up Minecraft and go into multiplayer, then click direct connect, and type in ‘mc.hypixel.net’. Then press join. Once you and all your friends are into the server, press ‘T’ to open the chat. Then type ‘/party friends_username’. This will send an invite to your friends, who can then join the party. Once they’re all in, choose a game, and get ready to play!

Our kids recommend you try ‘BedWars’ ‘SkyWars’ ‘Hide ‘n’ Seek’ and ‘Party Games’. The last two games can be found in the arcade games lobby, while the other two have their own lobby. If you really can’t decide on a game, click the compass when you’re in a lobby, and then in the bottom left corner, choose the ‘Random Games’ and be warped into a random game.

5. Play Video Games

If your kids LOVE gaming (don’t they all?), then they would love to play video games with their friends on their birthday. You can use so many different websites/apps that can help you communicate when playing video games, but discord is one of the best. 

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Online birthday party providers

We have collected a range of birthday party providers who will offer your kids a magical birthday experience despite not being able to actual have a party with their friends. How cool is that!?

6. Brisbane Kids Magician

Magic Pete is willing to to film a FREE happy birthday greeting for your child on their special day. You can send him a message on his Facebook Page here.

7. Garden Babies Fine Fairy Art/Portraits

This wonderful business is filming 20-25 minute shows for kids on their birthdays for just $80. This will include stories, magic, giggles and so much more.

8. Party Girl World

Another wonderful business is offering virtual visits from their favourite character, from mermaids, fairies, superheros and pirates, the fun party experiences will make everyone happy. Packages start from $55. Learn more here.

9. Bonniebluegum

This wonderful company is sending birthday messages to any who needs them. You can find out all the details from their Facebook page right here. 

IRL birthday parties from home

If your kids are younger, maybe online birthday parties might not be their thing. Don’t worry, we’ve made a list of all the birthday parties you can do In Real Life.

10. Drive-by birthday wishes

This is a great way for kids to see their friends, without breaking any social distancing rules. Simply message all the parents of the friends who live nearby, and find a time they can all drive past at the same time wishing your kids happy birthday. We have heard from a friend that of all the things that they had on their birthday, this was the BEST PART!

11. Have a sleepover in the lounge room

It’s a shame there can’t be any friends over, but that doesn’t mean that a sleepover can’t happen. Grab some mattresses, pillows and some blankets, and spend the night in the living room. YES, the parents need to join in too, there’s enough room for everyone.

12. Fill the room with balloons

Sush! Be quiet for this one to work. The day before your little ones big day, blow up as many balloons as possible. Then, as quietly as possible, sneak all the balloons onto the floor before your child wakes up. Then wait. This is a fun little surprise for your kid(s) when they wake up on their birthday.

13. Make a video with family from around the world

This one is super easy and fun to make! Send a message to all your kids friends, grandparents, aunties and uncles, and get them all to send a video of them wishing your kid(s) happy birthday. This is a fun video for your kid(s) to enjoy on their birthday.

14. Make a cake and eat it

If your kids love to cook (and eat), this is a great idea for a birthday when you’re stuck at home. A few days prior, ask them what kind of cake they would like. On the big day you could pull out all the ingredients, and bake it! Then eat it, (or you can give it to me…).

17. Get them a voucher for a future activity

Once this has all died down, it would be nice to have a voucher to go somewhere fun. We recommend an iFly experience, or rock climbing. But anything will do. Just make sure it doesn’t expire any time soon.

18. Take a trip to virtual Disneyland

If you’re little ones are a fan of Disney, or just roller coasters in general, click here  to embark on an adventure to virtual Disneyland. Everything from riding the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, to a walking tour of Fantasyland. There is an activity for everyone at virtual Disneyland.

17 ways to have a birthday party when you’re stuck at home

There you go. The best ways to have a birthday party when you’re stuck at home. From playing Minecraft with friends, to having a room filled with balloons,  a family meal with cake and connecting with family members. These are 16 GREAT activities you can do, to celebrate with your kids on their birthday…. from home.

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