Why Virginia Nursery in Adelaide is a Great Day Out

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The Virginia Nursery in Adelaide is a great day out for the whole family! With 14 different categories of shopping, there’s bound to be something for everyone! The kids will love eating in the cafe, and mum and dad will adore.

The Virginia Nursery

Virginia Nursey is a great activity for the whole family! Here is everything you can do at the nursery in Virginia.

Website: Click here

Address: Gawler Rd, Virginia SA 5120

Visit the Cafe at Virginia Nursery

Virginia Nursery

The cafe at the Nursery in Virginia is great for everyone. With delicious food and drinks, and a large menu, there’s something for every member of the family!

Plants & Trees

Virginia Nursery

Virginia Home & Garden is South Australia’s largest Garden Centre and stocks a huge range of plants and trees.

Chemicals & Fertilisers

Virginia Home & Garden centre offer a broad range of chemicals for all of your gardening needs. Whether it’s a fertiliser, pesticide or fungicide, they’ve got your problems covered!

Garden Tools

At the nursery, they have all the gardening tools, all waiting for you. Anything from secateurs, shovels, rakes and saws – they’ve catered for any issue.

Garden Features

Virginia Nursery

This nursery in Virginia has so many garden features for your home garden! Form pots and urns, to water features and gnomes, every gardener can find something perfect for them!


The nursey in Virginia even sells kitchenware. Now there really is something for everyone! 

Virginia Nursery

This Nursery in Virginia, near Adelaide is a perfect day or half day-trip for the whole family! With a cafe, garden materials and even kitchenware, nobody will leave this nursery empty handed. We hope this article has helped you decide whether or not to take a trip to the Virginia Nursery, and we also hope that you decide that you will go, as it is a really special place to visit with family. 

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