6 of The Best Trampoline Parks in Canberra for Kids

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Welcome to our guide of the BEST trampoline parks in Canberra, ACT for Kids. If you typed ‘trampoline park Canberra’ then you have come to the right place. Let’s get you bouncing on a trampoline Canberra style!!

Ever-growing in popularity all over Australia, trampoline parks prove to be an entertaining method of exercise for the whole family. Kids can improve their aerial awareness, coordination, and leg strength, all while engaging in an entertaining form of exercise. It’s a win-win! Plus, parents don’t have to sit on the sideline to watch; they’re welcome to get involved and live out their childhood dreams.

Overall, the entire experience is effortless to incorporate into a busy family schedule. Trampoline parks can be very affordable, with promotions and deals all throughout Canberra. They’re  often open on weekdays and weekends, making it easy to lock down a day to suit everyone.

With all these factors, the adventure is as realistic as ever for Aussie families. Thinking of gathering the family and taking them out for a bounce? Or are you looking for some other trampoline spots/ playgrounds located in Canberra?

Here is our list of the best trampoline parks in Canberra that are worth your time.

1. Flip Out Canberra

Flip Out Canberra is a trampoline park in Mitchell and is home to a vast collection of activities that the whole family can appreciate. The facility offers a sea of interconnected trampolines, a foam pit for soft landings, angled tramps, and much more.

For those looking at inviting a few more friends and family, Flip Out Canberra is also able to host birthday parties. Each package offers value, with the packages including jumping time, food, drinks, socks, a party room, and much more.

Flip Out Canberra also offers Little Ninja classes for kids looking at improving their technique. The lessons aim to train agility, coordination, and aerial awareness to assist children in the real world. The environment is fun and safe, accommodating kids of all skill levels.

Address: 4/45 Dacre St, Mitchell ACT 2911

Website: Flip Out Canberra

2. Lollipops Playland And Cafe

Offering children a massive, vibrant playground to explore; Lollipop’s Playland And Cafe proves to be an exciting adventure. Not only does the indoor venue offer equipment for kids to jump and bounce on, but also things to slide, climb and swing off. Not to mention, Lollipop’s also offers a cafe for those needing a break to recharge. Entry prices vary between age groups and the day of the week visiting. General entry for kids over 2 years of age starts from $14.90.

Looking at inviting a few more friends or family members for a special occasion? Lollypop’s can also host birthday parties, with a variety of packages available. For a full list of inclusions, see the website.

Address: Majura Park Shopping Centre, Spitfire Ave, ACT 2609

Website: Lollipops Playland And Cafe

3. Woden Valley Gymnastics

Woden Valley Gymnastics is the perfect place for kids looking to grow their trampolining skills and engage in regular exercise. The facility’s trampolining programs aim to develop confident body movements, build strength, develop posture, improve aerial awareness, and much more. Woden Valley Gymnastics also offers a variety of other programs, including acrobatic classes and a kindergym for the little ones. For a full list of program inclusions and prices, see the website.

Address: 27 Mulley Street, Weston Creek ACT 2611

Website: Woden Valley Gymnastics

4. Southern Canberra Gymnastics Club

The Southern Canberra Gymnastics Club offers a variety of trampoline classes for kids looking at improving their talents. Kids from 18 months can begin with the GymStart class, with balance beams, mini trampolines, rings, tunnels, and much more on offer. For kids slightly older, trampoline classes are also available for children aged 7 to 15 years. With the variety of classes on offer, there’s something for children of every skill level. For a full list of timetables and classes, see the venue’s website.

Address: 13-31 Gartside St, Wanniassa ACT 2903

WebsiteSouthern Canberra Gymnastics Club

5. Inflatable World Kambah

Delivering one of Australia’s biggest indoor inflatable playgrounds, Inflatable World Kambah is an ideal destination for the whole family to enjoy. The facility is home to a diverse range of vibrant setups for kids to explore. This includes colourful slides, climbing hills, arenas, and heaps more. To top it off, Inflatable World Kambah is also able to host a collection of special events, such as birthday parties, corporate functions, private bookings, and more. Conditions apply – children under 12 years of age must be accompanied by an adult at all times and socks must be worn while jumping.

Address: 6 Jenke Circuit, Kambah ACT 2902

WebsiteInflatable World Kambah

6. Gungahlin Gymnastics

Best Trampoline Parks In Canberra

For teenagers looking to improve their aerial skills, Gungahlin Gymnastics can deliver. The facility offers Teen Gym classes for kids aged 13 to 17 years in a non-competitive environment. Students can learn specific skills such as tumbling and trampolining.

Address: 4/4 Dacre St, Mitchell ACT 2911

Website: Gungahlin Gymnastics

Trampoline Parks in Canberra

Trampoline parks offer the perfect solution to parents looking to get their kids out of the house and exercising. They can be great for promoting physical activity – boosting coordination, leg strength, and aerial awareness while encouraging children to socialise as a family. What’s not to love? To top it off, the experience is easy to incorporate into a busy family schedule, with a variety of weekly promotions on offer and very flexible opening hours.

On the other hand, children wishing to engage in regular trampolining and improve their skills can look into regular classes, whether it’s at a gymnastic facility or at the trampoline parks. It can be a great way to meet some likeminded people, regularly engage in physical activity, and have fun in the process. If you’re interested in taking the family out for a bounce, consider these trampoline parks and playgrounds.

Tips For Bouncing Safely

Although trampoline parks are an extremely entertaining method of exercise, they do pose a certain risk of injury. If they are abused, the users will likely suffer the consequences, whether it’s in the form of a minor sprain or a broken bone.

Firstly, before jumping, it’s important to remove any loose items from your person. Ensure you aren’t chewing any gum or have any food with you before entering the trampoline park. Make sure you’re wearing grip socks to avoid slipping, and avoid jumping if you have any pre-existing injuries.

Next, while you’re bouncing, it’s as simple as following the facility’s recommended safety guidelines and actively listening to the staff. Small children should avoid jumping among bigger kids to avoid losing control. It’s important to emphasise to children the importance of remaining mindful and aware of their surroundings.

What should you do to remain safe at a trampoline park?

Bounce in the centre of the trampolines, limit one person per tramp, do your best to maintain control while airborne, land with your knees bent, and avoid landing on your head at all cost. All jumpers should avoid undergoing any tricks or stunts they don’t feel comfortable executing safely. Mastering the basic skills before moving onto more advanced tricks is recommended.

Under no circumstances should anyone try and attempt a double flip. Tampering with other jumpers is also not advised. This means to avoid throwing anything at their face or neck, double bouncing, pushing, shoving, and anything similar.

While experiencing some of the other attractions of the parks, such as the airbags, basketball areas etc., it’s important to stay mindful of your actions.

Don’t dive headfirst or on your back. Limit one person to a lane, and don’t jump until the area is clear of other people. As for the basketball arenas, avoid swinging off the rings. Parents can prevent injuries just by watching over their kids.

Try to prevent any running, horseplay, tackling, and anything similar that could potentially lead to an injury. If children are sitting down on the trampolines as opposed to bouncing, they should be removed from the park and redirected to designated resting areas.

Essentially, it’s all about staying mindful, performing within your skill-range, and not getting carried away. With all the exciting jumps and flips made possible through a visit to a trampoline park, it’s no wonder kids can feel invincible. Although, it’s important to keep a few of these key points in mind to prevent an undesirable outcome. These are just a few simple ways that both children and adults can significantly reduce their risk of injury while bouncing, and maximise their enjoyment. After all, you’re there to have fun!

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