The Best Hot Air Balloon Gold Coast Discounts for Tourists and Locals

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Are you on the hunt for hot air balloon Gold Coast, QLD discounts? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Perhaps your teens love hot air balloons and this is their dream.

In this article, we have listed all the ways you can get discounts for hot air balloon rides for this one-of-a-kind experience. With these insider tips by your side, you’ll never have to pay full price to fly in a hot air balloon from the Gold Coast.

Because we love a good Gold Coast freebie and discount, you’ll find all the up-to-date discounts for a hot air balloon Gold Coast ride at the bottom of this article. These will change occasionally, so we’ll always check-in and update the list for you. Whether you are looking to buy this as a Christmas gift for a special person or something fun for yourself, you don’t need to pay full price!

We went on a hot air balloon ride!

We have also detailed our own experiences on a hot air balloon flight from the Gold Coast. This will help you gauge whether or not the experience feels right for you and the family. Before we took off, I had A LOT of questions about how everything worked and felt – which I’ve tried to answer for you below. Take a look!

Hot air balloon Gold Coast 

On a cool Autumn morning, we recently set-off on an exciting hot air balloon Gold Coast ride out of Carrara. Throughout this article, I’ll detail exactly what you can expect when you make a booking, and how you can get the best hot air balloon Gold Coast discount.

Early morning balloon ride  

hot air balloon gold coast discounts
Hot air balloons in Gold Coast, QLD

The first thing you need to know about hot air balloon rides is that the venture requires a very early wake-up…seriously early! We set our alarm for 3:30 am for a 4:15 am meeting time. Though to make the early rise as comfortable as possible, we chose to stay in the same hotel that our tour was departing from. 

This early departure is essential for hot air balloon rides, particularly because the balloon requires steady air which is most consistent in the morning. Though we’re not going to dive into the science behind hot air balloon flight, it makes sense knowing that the more stable the air conditions are, the better and smoother the flight will go. It makes perfect sense, right? 

What to wear on a hot air balloon ride 

hot air balloon gold coast discounts
Enjoy the views on your hot air balloon ride!

Though it may not pop into your mind until the morning of, you’ll eventually begin to wonder what exactly you should be wearing on a hot air balloon ride. Are there certain clothing items you should avoid?

From our experience, it largely depends on the weather and time of year you’re setting off on a hot air balloon ride. Since you’ll be departing before the sun rises, the temperature can be on the chillier side. Because of this, it’s best to wear long comfy pants, enclosed shoes, and a sweater. 

We found this to be very comfortable on our own experience, which helped us to focus our attention on the view. 

Getting to the hot air balloon from the Gold Coast 

When it came to finding our way to our hot air balloon, the process couldn’t be easier. Our tour group met in the lobby of a nearby hotel – which we happened to stay in the night before. Once the group had gathered, we were told where our balloon would be taking off and departed at 4:15 am in a shuttle. 

As we were watching the hot air balloons slowly inflate, we learnt that the take-off and landing locations of the balloons aren’t fixed. Every-day, there are plenty of different options for where the pilots choose to fly – based on the weather, wind, and air currents. 

Since our cheap hot air balloon Gold Coast ride included transportation to the paddock where we would take off, we didn’t need to worry about a last-minute scrabble. Though if you are choosing the self-drive option, we’d suspect the company would send the location in the morning as soon as they knew. 

Get Out with Kids Tip: Book the pick-up option!

Are hot air balloons safe?

hot air balloon gold coast discounts
Gold Coast instructor going through hot air balloon details

Before this ride, I had never really considered going on a hot air balloon ride – but I was keen to take advantage of this opportunity when it appeared. 

As we were waiting to get onto the balloon, we received a safety presentation about what to expect and what we needed to do throughout the flight. In this brief demonstration, we learnt how to properly get in and out of the basket and how we should brace for landing. 

The pilot was informative, experienced, and very friendly. He was happy to answer any questions we had about how the balloon worked or how long he had been operating a hot air balloon. Because of all this, I never felt unsafe or worried throughout the flight. It was a very relaxing and satisfying experience. 

What is the flight like?

hot air balloon gold coast discounts
Wonderful views seen from a hot air balloon

In our hot air balloon, we had at least 15 to 20 people around us – though we were told the balloon could hold up to 24 people. Once we all loaded into the basket (one at a time), it wasn’t long before we took off. Again, since the air is much more stable in the early morning, we didn’t waste any time. 

We flew alongside 2 other hot air balloons for about 1 hour, floating over the canals tucked behind the many skyscrapers of the Gold Coast. Occasionally we’d float much lower to the ground, and other times we’d soar much higher. 

One thing that we did notice while we were up in the balloon was that it was surprisingly quiet – other than the roar of the fire heating our balloon (which also felt very hot for a few seconds). Because it was so quiet, it was much easier to soak in the serenity and embrace the views around us. 

Landing the hot air balloon

hot air balloon gold coast discounts
Landing the hot air balloon after a beautiful ride above Gold Coast

As our ride was quickly coming to an end and we began our descent, we got into our landing stance – which we were taught before we boarded and again once we were in the basket. This stance is necessary because the basket doesn’t have wheels, so you can expect a bit of a ‘hop’ and ‘bump’ as you land. 

All you need to do is hold onto the handles inside the basket and bend your knees – it couldn’t be easier. 

Because of the air currents pushing the balloon along, the pilot had planned a few different landing sites for us. Once we touched down, the support vehicles came to pick us up – these guys really know what they’re doing. 

After a reasonably smooth landing, we all hopped out of the basket, helped to pack-up the balloon, and took some group photos. 

Champagne breakfast

hot air balloon gold coast champagne breakfast
Delicious champagne breakfast after the hot air balloon ride

After the whole experience, we hopped into the group shuttle for a quick, 15-minute drive back to the hotel. We then gathered for a delicious breakfast, including all the fan-favourite staples and a glass of champagne. We were also given a certificate to remember the experience by.  

Once breakfast had finished, we left the hotel by 9 am. We had an epic adventure and it was still only 9 am – the rest of the day was ours to explore and enjoy the Gold Coast

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Where to get hot air balloon discounts 

We’ve done all the research on your behalf to find the best hot air balloon Gold Coast deals at the time of writing. There are heaps of different deals, so make sure you check out each separate option to ensure you get the best discount possible. 

The Entertainment Book

If you haven’t done so yet, it’s about time that you got your hands on the newest version of the annual Entertainment Book. You’ll find the best hot air balloon Gold Coast deals  – offering up to 25% off a 60-minute flight. A single-city membership only costs $69.99 per year and you’ll get amazing value from it. We always take advantage of these savings and even share them with our family. We even use the app on our phone to make the process even easier!

Websites to get cheap hot air balloon discount tickets 

Even if you don’t want to buy the Entertainment Book, there are still plenty of ways you can score a cheap hot air balloon gold coast ride. All you need to do is take a look through each choice closely to find the best deal for your family. These are the best value hot air balloon rides. 

The discount coupon sites regularly offer great hot air balloon gold coast deals. Though they change regularly, we’ll keep updating this article every month to keep up. Below are the current discounts across a range of different companies that provide hot air balloon rides from the Gold Coast. 

Hot air balloon Gold Coast deals

There are plenty of discounted hot air balloon options on the Gold Coast this year – ranging from a few bucks off to massive savings. Though before making a booking, make sure to ask yourself a few essential questions, like:

  • How many people are you making a booking for?
  • How long would you like to fly for?
  • Do you want breakfast included?
  • Are you chasing any other add-ons?

Setting expectations for the ride will help you to find the best package and price to suit your family. Keep reading to find out more. 

Try these hot air balloon discount websites

These are the best hot air balloon discounts currently available for flights out of the Gold Coast:


Groupon has no shortage of hot air balloon Gold Coast deals, offering up to 54% off on some of the packages available. For example, this Go Ballooning experience is only $399, marked down from $899. The package comes with a 60-minute ride above the Gold Coast and hinterlands, accompanied by a glass of bubbles, chocolate, and a photo package. 

Otherwise, there’s also this Hot Air Balloon Down Under package for $385, discounted from $658. This experience is for two people and includes a 30 to 60-minute flight, a digital photo package, and free pick-up. 

For more information or to make a booking, head to the Groupon website. 

Scoopon – No current deal

There is no current deal confirmed for Scoopon. The following information is outdated and incorrect.

Another great site to get a cheap hot air balloon gold coast ride is Scoopon. They regularly offer great deals that are worth taking advantage of, including this Hot Air Ballooning Experience for 2 people – currently 49% off. 

The package is currently offered at $385, discounted from $754, and includes a 30 to 60-minute flight and a photo package. Upgrades are also available at a great price, including buffet breakfasts, a time-lapse video, and more. 

For more information or to make a booking, head to the Scoopon website. 

Experience Oz 

Experience Oz regularly offers noteworthy discounts on incredible tours throughout Australia – and hot air ballooning is no exception.

They’re currently offering this Gold Coast Hot Air Balloon Flight for only $349. The experience includes a 45-minute flight over the Gold Coast and hinterlands and a photo package with the option of a buffet breakfast upgrade. 

There’s also this Gold Coast Hot Air Balloon Flight With Breakfast, currently priced at $495. This package includes a 30-minute flight over the hinterland and nearby wineries, a complimentary digital photo, and a buffet breakfast in a vineyard setting – with bacon, eggs, pastries, and more. 

Head to Experience Oz to find out more!


Klook offers only one hot air balloon trip over the Gold Coast, and we are here to tell you all about it.

You will be picked up from a hotel near you, and then whisked away to the launch site, where you’ll have a safety brief, and then you will be asked to embark the balloon.

There is breakfast included after the flight, which tastes delicious!

This package costs a total of $319, and you can book it right here.


Lastly, there’s Adrenaline – offering an assembly of hot air ballooning experience at great prices. 

The experience includes a 40 to 60 minute ride over the Gold Coast hinterland, followed by a spectacular champagne breakfast at O’Reilly’s Canungra Valley Vineyard. 

Float over the hinterland for 30-minutes, enjoying the sunrise, before touching down and receiving a flight certificate as a token to remember the journey. 

For more information or to make a booking, head to the Adrenaline website. 

Before locking-in a deal, take a close look at all these packages available to pick the best option for your family. After all, why pay full price for hot air balloon rides Gold Coast when you can enjoy up to 50% off!

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