Dog Friendly Beaches and Swimming Holes on the Gold Coast

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If you love to venture out with your four legged friend, we have put together a list of THE BEST dog friendly beaches, swimming holes, creeks, rivers and lakes on Queensland’s Gold Coast .  Yes, dogs on beaches are allowed and the list below will help you locate something that fits your pooch!

Where can I go swimming with my dog? Are the beaches dog friendly in the area?  There are a lot of places to swim with your dog and locations that welcome your family pet. Venues are starting to realise the importance of our furry friends as members of the family.  If you are reluctant to leave your best four-legged friend at home then this list will help!  This will take you on a whole different type of adventure that the entire family will enjoy on the Gold Coast! No matter teens, toddlers or adults, you’re going to love this!

Pack up the car, grab some doggy treats and a picnic and lay that pet blanket down on the back seat. Check out our dog-friendly places to visit below.  For more kid-friendly activities, check out out list of the best things to do on the Gold Coast with kids.

‘Are there any swimming holes near me that allow dogs? – ABSOLUTELY!  ‘What off leash beaches are near me? PLENTY!  ‘Closest dog beach to me’ – SEE BELOW!

Dog beach on the Gold Coast etiquette

In order to enjoy your day out with your dog in tow, we have put together a few things to remember.  These simple rules of thumb will help to ensure that you are safe and respectful of others exploring the same area.

Not everywhere allows you to let your dog off the leash, whether that be dog swimming places or just walking trails! Always check for signs, even if you have visited before, in case the rules have changed.  The signs are there to help keep the area and local wildlife safe.  

Remember that not all dogs are friendly to each other or humans.  If venturing out with young children, remind them not to approach dogs without checking with owners first.  This will ensure they are children friendly and enjoy being made a fuss of by strangers.  

Not all dogs are friendly to each other either. Approach others with caution to eliminate any potential aggressive behaviour.  If your dog shows signs of being uncomfortable, maybe take them to another area until the other dog has moved on.

Leave only footprints

Always dispose of your rubbish correctly in the bins provided (including any rubbish that your dog has left behind).  Always double check the area before leaving to ensure you have left the area safely and litter-free!

Ensure your pooch has taken all of the necessary tick/flea medication.  A lot of outdoor venues will be home to a number of parasites.  Checking they are up to date with preventative treatments will save a lot of heartache in the long run.  Always check your pet for ticks once you return home.

Maybe start with small walks and adventures and build up – new sights, smells, etc maybe a bit too much for some!   

Best dog friendly beaches on the Gold Coast

Gold Coast Beaches…. Dogs? So what beach can I take my dog to? Where is the nearest dog beach to me? The Gold Coast is inundated with beautiful beaches to explore, including beaches that allow dogs.

No matter school or school holidays, your dog will love these beaches.

Some would argue they house the best beaches for dogs!  Many offer wide expanses of beach, others are a lot smaller but offer an off-leash element. Some maybe close to dog friendly facilities so that you can enjoy a drink after all that thirst-quenching activity. We love the ones that are close to recreation parks so our kids and our dogs get to let off steam! 

They are dotted around the area, so there should be some that are close to you if looking for a short drive. Hopefully you will find your closest dog beach below!

Now unless you really like the rain, this may not be the best rainy day activity, so make sure you check the weather before you go!

Biggera Waters Beach, Biggera Waters

The foreshore at Biggera Waters is currently a dog off-leash beach at certain times of the day (5-8 am and 4-7 pm). The area is stocked with bags to clean up after your doggy pal. A fabulous area to take a stroll morning or night.

Where to park: The Esplande

The Spit, Main Beach

dog friendly beaches gold coast

Located close to one of the popular theme parks (Sea World) you will find this stunning beach. Look out for the dog beach marker to indicate where the dog friendly beach begins (Muriel Henchman Drive).  This is a vast area that your furry friend can enjoy and an offleash dog beach to boot! There are food and drink options nearby for your enjoyment!

Where to park: Seaworld Drive

Currumbin Creek Beach, Palm Beach

Palm Beach is a favourite with locals and tourists alike.  The beach is dog friendly and children friendly! There are lots of areas and plenty of room for all. The southern end of the beach from Tower 13 to Currumbin Creek is the off-leash dog beach.  The beach is patrolled in sections and there are fountains that even the dogs can enjoy!

Where to park: Parking on Durigan Street

Tallebudgera Creek Beach, Palm Beach

Those images of beaches – dogs running along them…. this would be the place! Tallebudgera is a stunningly attractive area.  (I would love this dog beach near me!)  As beaches that are dog friendly go, this is a good one to venture to!  This is a half beach/half creek location and is 24 hours off leash. Your pooch will love adventuring in this unfenced location. Fabulous place for a splashingly good time!

The Gold Coast has any number of beaches that your dogs are allowed onto.  These beaches welcome your dog on leash.  If you are looking for ‘dog friendly beaches near me’, a list is below of those that we know of. NOTE you MUST be 200 metres away from flagged areas (fines apply).

Where to park: Parking on Tellebudgera Recreation Centre Access

Dog friendly beaches Gold Coast on-leash options:

  • Bilinga Beach, Bilinga
  • North Kirra Beach, Billinga
  • Broadbeach Beach, Broadbeach
  • Kurrawa Beach, Broadbeach
  • Burleigh Beach, Burleigh Heads
  • Mermaid Beach
  • Nobby Beach
  • Miami Beach, Miami
  • Esplanade South Park Beach, Paradise Point
  • Paradise Point Beach
  • Shearwater Park Beach, Runaway Bay
  • Northcliffe Beach, Surfers Paradise
  • Tugun Beach, Tugun

Best dog friendly swimming holes & creeks Gold Coast

Are any swimming holes near me dog friendly?  Well if the beach isn’t for you and your furry friend, why not try a different water location.  We have chosen a series of dog friendly lakes to creeks. All are different with water in common.  Some have designated doggy areas that are fenced off so your pupper can let off steam.  They are all beautiful locations with great views and a great place to go for a stroll. 

Cedar Creek Falls, Tamborine

dog friendly beaches gold coast

Dog friendly pools of water can be located within this stunning location! Situated within the beautiful Tamborine area and forming part of a national park, these falls are extraordinarily pretty. It is a fabulous refreshing and relaxing spot to visit.  Unusually, the national park does allow dogs (on-leash only) in this particular spot. Please check to ensure you are in the correct location (other parts of the national park are off-limits to dogs).

Where to park: 76 Cedar Creek Falls Road

Coomera River Causeway Park, Oxenford

This delightful park location has something for everyone. There are children’s playground areas, fishing areas and plenty of picnic/BBQ facilities. Dogs are welcome (on-leash).

Where to park: Parking at the end of Old Tamborine Road

Swift Park, Nerang River

This is approximately 1 kilometre of pure joy for your four-legged pal! Dog parks with swimming included! Located under a bridge near the local High School your dog can enjoy the Nerang River AND agility park. There is a fenced children’s playground and BBQ facilities.

Where to park: Parking along Weedons Road

Schusters Park, Tallebudgera Creek

Both off-leash and on-leash areas are situated at this unique location. With grassy areas and a saltwater creek to explore, your doggy pal will be in heaven! There is also an on-leash sandy beach to explore.

Where to park: Carpark at 17 Heather Street

Other dog swimming spots on the Gold Coast

Who knew that the Gold Coast had so many dog friendly locations to explore?!.  This next set of locations again have water in common. These are a little unusual in that they don’t typically slot into beaches or creeks. However, they are all beautiful in scenery and offer a great opportunity to explore their beauty.

Gold Coast Botanic Gardens

As the name implies, this is a beautiful destination. Plenty for the entire family here including your furbaby. There are a number of walking tracks to venture along and a dedicated off-leash dog area. As with many botanical gardens, there is plenty to explore.  Fun for the entire family!

Where to park: Entry and parking off from Ashmore Road

Musgrave Park, Southport

Agility courses, wide open spaces, muddy ponds – all available here for your dog! A wonderful location fit for the most royal of pooches.  NOTE, there are areas that your dog cannot wander, so please beware!

Where to park: 128 Musgrave Avenue

Cabana Off Leash Dog Park (Nerang River)

dog friendly beaches gold coast

This off-leash dog park has plenty of space AND water to splash around in.  Located at 110 Cabana Blvd, Benowa, this is an unfenced area located next to the Nerang River.

Where to park: 110 Cabana Blvd

Tallebudgera Off Leash Dog Island

Yep, you read correctly A WHOLE ISLAND! This area is just inland from Palm Beach and can be accessed via Casuarina Drive. Located in Elanora this island is laid out as an agility park.  This doggy haven is situated within the Eddie Kornhauser Recretional reserve.  Some parts of the reserve are on-leash only.  However, there is PLENTY of grassy areas, little sandy beaches and watery locations to venture around.

Where to park: Parking available around 9 Casuarina Drive down to the end of the street

Dog friendly swimming on the Gold Coast

From the collection above, you should be able to identify your nearest dog friendly beach if you are in the area.  Hopefully we have answered all your doggy questions ‘where to go swimming with my dog?’, and ‘where are off leash beaches near me?’ (and plenty more)!  

We have aimed to give you a variety that your doggy friends will love!  Remember, rules on both on-leash and off-leash are ever changing, so please check the signs on arrival!  If you know of more from your travels, and are happy to share your answer to ‘where are the best dog beaches near me?’ please get in touch! Happy adventuring!

Other dog friendly places to swim in SE Queensland

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