15 of the Best Vietnamese Restaurants in Adelaide for Kids

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Are you looking for the best Vietnamese restaurants for kids in Adelaide, SA ?

Scattered throughout Adelaide are a variety of Vietnamese restaurants for families to uncover, dishing up plenty of traditional and contemporary dishes. Ranging from spring rolls, Banh mi, rice paper rolls, satay skewers, Pho, noodles, pork belly, salad bowls, stir fry, and more, both parents and children can experiment with some new flavours, expand their palates, and discover fresh dishes to admire.

A trip to one of these restaurants can be a great way to break out of a routine and try something new. Plus, no washing up! It’s a win-win.

Where are the best Vietnamese restaurants in Adelaide for kids?

Excited to venture into Adelaide city for some delicious Vietnamese food? This article will give you a list of Vietnamese restaurants in Adelaide and the surrounding suburbs.

1. Gin Long Canteen

best vietnamese restaurants in adelaide for kids gin long canteen
The store front of Gin Long Canteen

Located along O’Connell Street, the Gin Long Canteen is home to an array of Vietnamese delights. The lunch menu consists of a variety of options, including rice paper rolls, Sarawak laska, vermicelli salad, bo kho, and more. The dinner menu includes smaller plates for those in the mood for lighter dishes, such as wings, spring rolls, eggplant, kingfish, squid, rice cakes, and plenty more. Alternatively, families in the mood for a bigger dish can enjoy the beef curry, barramundi, Thai beef, lamb curry, basil chicken, king prawns, and more. Dessert is also on offer, with jar cake, mango sticky rice, and Thai basil passionfruit parfait available.

Address: 42 O’Connell St, North Adelaide SA 5006

Website: Gin Long Canteen

2. Vietnam Restaurant

With both Vietnamese and Chinese dishes on offer, Vietnam Restaurant has a little something every member of the family can enjoy. Choose between popular items such as salads, soups, steak, rice hot pots, fried noodles, pho, and more. Otherwise, opt for the Banquet option, including king prawn, combination salad, combination rice, BBQ chicken, squid, and dessert.

For those seeking Vietnamese on the go, a takeaway option is also available. Head over to the Vietnam Restaurant website for a full menu or to make a booking.

Address: 73 Addison Rd, Pennington SA 5013

Website: Vietnam Restaurant

3. Pepper Leaf

Head over to Pepper leaf’s colourful Vietnamese restaurant for a collection of dishes that the kids can enjoy. Some of the restaurant’s popular items include the salt and pepper squid, bread spring rolls, shaking beef, Thai fried rice, and Thai panda chicken.

A children’s menu is also on offer, with the option of crispy chicken, hot chips, chicken nuggets, fried rice, or chicken hokkien mee. See the website for the full menu or to get in touch with the venue.

Address: 1328 North East Road, Tea Tree Gully SA 5091

Website: Pepper leaf

4. Madame Hanoi

best vietnamese restaurants in adelaide for kids madame hanoi
Delicious Vietnamese lunch spread at Madame Hanoi

Located within the Adelaide Casino, there’s always something new going on at Madame Hanoi, ranging between Game Day Specials and Hendricks High Tea. The restaurant’s main menu consists of smaller dishes such as noodle soup, chicken skewers, squid, chicken wings, yellowfin tuna, and more.

Otherwise, larger meals are available, including grilled scallops, lamb ribs, Tasmanian salmon, pork belly, etc. A vegan menu is also available. Madame Hanoi also serves Vietnamese coffee.

Address: Adelaide Casino, North Terrace, Adelaide SA 5000

Website: Madame Hanoi

6. Mai Kitchen

Mai Kitchen in Adelaide, SA

Mai Kitchen is home to a collection of Vietnamese flavours, along with vegan alternatives, that the whole family can enjoy. Start off with lighter options such as cold rolls, steamed roast pork buns, meatball skewers, and prawn toast. The main menu consists of noodle soups, stir-fried noodles, vermicelli noodle salad, rice-based dishes, salad, pork dishes, seafood dishes, and chicken dishes. For the vegan alternatives, head over to the restaurant’s website.

Address: 1-5/34 Wright St, Ferryden Park SA 5010

Website: Mai Kitchen

7. Thanh Thanh

best vietnamese restaurants in adelaide thanh thanh
Appetizing meal served at Thanh Thanh

With spacious dining in a luxurious setting, Thanh Thanh is the perfect spot to relax and enjoy some delicious Vietnamese cuisine. The restaurant specialises in Asian and Vietnamese cuisines for both lunch and dinner, catering for larger groups and children. See the Facebook page for pictures of popular dishes or to get in touch.

Address: 18 Field St, Adelaide SA 5000

Website: Thanh Thanh

8. Yen Linh

best vietnamese restaurants in adelaide with kids yen linh
Yen Linh in Adelaide, SA

Located in Croydon Park, Yen Linh is home to many Vietnamese dishes for families to try for themselves. The appetisers list consists of cold rolls, spring rolls, beef satay, salad, fritters, and more. Banh Hoi is also on offer, along with beef noodle soup, rice noodles, egg noodles, and rice vermicelli noodles. Vegetarian options are also available. Yen Linh also has traditional beverages to taste, such as a salted plum drink, salted lemon drink, longan drink, seaweed drink, and more. See the website for a full menu list.

Address: 131 Days Rd, Croydon Park SA 5008

Website: Banh Hoi

9. Mamachau

best vietnamese restaurants in adelaide with kids mamachu
Delicious Vietnamese spread served at Mamachau

Mamachau offers healthy, on the go Asian cuisine, available for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Families can taste a variety of Vietnamese dishes, including cold rolls, salads, rice bowls, and Mamachau’s signature Asian tacos. For a full menu list and any other information, visit the restaurant’s Facebook page or consider getting in touch.

Address: 3/118 King William Street, Adelaide SA 5000

Website: Mamachau

10. Adelaide Pho

best vietnamese restaurants in adelaide with kids adelaide pho
Rice paper rolls served at Adelaide Pho

The colourful venue of Adelaide Pho is home to a generous variety of Vietnamese dishes for Adelaide families to taste. The menu consists of many traditional options, including Pho, cold rolls, Vietnamese salad, vermicelli, satay skewers, wok-fried noodles, and more. The venue offers spacious dine-in options. Get in touch to make a booking or for any more information.

Address: 199 Waymouth St, Adelaide SA

11. Cafe Saba

best vietnamese restaurants in adelaide with kids cafe saba
Noodles served at Cafe Saba

Cafe Saba’s menu is comprised of over 60 dishes, making it the perfect place to taste the many flavours of Vietnam. Enjoy the DIY cold roll menu or dive into a variety of other traditional dishes, including Banh Mi, satay skewers, noodle soup, bun bowls, stir fry, and more. Visit the website for a full menu list, to make a reservation, or to contact the venue.

Address: 7/47 The Parade, Norwood SA 5067

Website: Click here Cafe Saba

12. Nghi Ngan Quan

Nghi Ngan Quan Vietnamese offers families an array of tasty dishes to choose from. Enjoy entree options such as beef noodle soup, spring rolls, satay skewers, cold rolls, and more. Dig into traditional main dishes, including pork, duck, prawn, fish, vegetarian and chicken. Otherwise, try a bit of everything with the Banquet options or pre-set menu. Not to mention, with dine-in, takeaway, and delivery on offer, the restaurant is as accessible as ever. Head over to the website to see the full menu, to make a booking, or to order online.

Address: 65 Woodville Rd, Woodville SA 5011

Website: Nghi Ngan Quan

13. Sit Lo

best vietnamese restaurants in adelaide with kids sit lo
Vietnamese lunch served at Sit Lo

With a collection of traditional Vietnamese dishes to enjoy, Sit Lo has a little something to suit every member of the family. The menu features the delicious flavours of noodle bowls, banh mi, pho, steamed buns, cold rolls, salads, and many authentic side dishes and drinks. The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner. Head over to the website to view the entire menu or to get in touch.

Address: 30 Bank St, Adelaide SA 5000

Website: Sit Lo

14. Saigon Gate

Located in North Adelaide, Saigon Gate offers a Vietnamese banquet experience perfect for the entire family. The prices vary depending on the number of people dining and the amount of food ordered, with the cost ranging between $70 and $200. The menu includes spring rolls satay skewers, fried rice, lemongrass chicken, salt and pepper squid, Vietnamese salad, roast duck, roast pork, garlic prawns, stir fry, beef steak, and fried ice cream. If you’re eager to experience a diverse number of flavours, Saigon Gate may be an ideal option.

Address: 141 O’Connell St, North Adelaide SA 5006

Website: Saigon Gate

15. Vietnamese Laundry

best vietnamese restaurants in adelaide with kids vietnamese laundry
Appetizing banh mi served at Vietnamese Laundry

Vietnamese Laundry rose from the ashes of an actual Laundromat, now serving delicious Vietnamese flavours to embrace. The menu features an array of popular dishes, including meatballs, beef noodle soup, chicken wings, and BBQ skewers to start. Otherwise, opt for a more substantial meal with Banh mi, cold rolls, salad bowls, and spring rolls on offer. Head down on Thursdays for Pho King Awesome Thursday for bowls of pho alongside popular Vietnamese dishes. For more information, head to the Vietnamese Laundry facebook page.

Address: 152 Sturt St, Adelaide SA 5000

Website: Vietnamese Laundry

Best Vietnamese Restaurants in Adelaide for kids!

Adelaide houses a platter of Vietnamese restaurants for families to break out of their routine and try something new. With the array of aromas and flavours on offer, both parents and children can uncover new, authentic tastes together while simultaneously enjoying the excitement of dining out.

To top it off, with dine-in, takeaway, and delivery options on offer, there’s flexibility to suit a busy family schedule. So, if you’re on the hunt for a fresh dining experience in Adelaide to suit the whole family, consider one of these Vietnamese restaurants listed above.

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