Dog Friendly Beaches and Swimming Holes in Adelaide

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If you are searching for dog friendly beaches, swimming holes, creeks, rivers and lakes look no further!  Dogs on beaches are allowed and the list below will help you locate something that fits both you and your pooch!

Adelaide, South Australia – a popular destination with so many green areas and parks to explore. BUT Where can I go swimming with my dog? Are the beaches dog friendly in the area?  Which dog friendly beaches are near me?  If you are reluctant to leave your best four-legged friend at home then this list will help! 

Pack up the car, grab some doggy treats and a picnic and lay that pet blanket down on the back seat. Check out our dog-friendly places to visit below.  

Perfect for teenagers in school holidays, or even Australia Day – this is a great idea to take the kids out.

‘Are there any swimming holes near me that allow dogs? – ABSOLUTELY!  ‘What off leash beaches are near me? PLENTY!  ‘best beaches for dogs and the closest dog beach to me?’ – SEE BELOW! Hopefully you will find your closest dog beach below!

Dog beach in Adelaide etiquette

Before venturing to an off leash dog beach, we have put together some simple rules of thumb. This will help to ensure that you are safe and respectful of others exploring the same area.

Not everywhere allows you to let your dog off the leash, whether that be dog swimming places or just walking trails! Always check for signs, even if you have visited before, in case the rules have changed.  The signs are there to help keep the area and local wildlife safe.  

Remember that not all dogs are friendly to each other or humans.  If venturing out with young children, remind them not to approach dogs without checking with owners first.  This will ensure they are children friendly and enjoy being made a fuss of by strangers.  

Not all dogs are friendly to each other either. Approach others with caution to eliminate any potential aggressive behaviour.  If your dog shows signs of being uncomfortable, maybe take them to another area until the other dog has moved on.

Always dispose of your rubbish in the bins provided (including any rubbish that your dog has left behind).  Always double check the area before leaving to ensure you have left the area safely and litter-free!

Ensure your pooch has taken all of the necessary tick/flea medication.  A lot of outdoor venues will be home to a number of parasites.  Checking they are up to date with preventative treatments will save a lot of heartache in the long run.  Always check your pet for ticks once you return home.

Maybe start with small walks and adventures and build up – new sights, smells, etc maybe a bit too much for some!   

Best dog friendly beaches in Adelaide

Adelaide Beaches…. Dogs? So what beach can I take my dog to? Where is the nearest dog beach to me? Adelaide is a beautiful location and blessed with beautiful beaches to explore, including beaches that allow dogs.  

There are a number of beaches that are dog friendly.  With some of the best beaches for dogs to explore here you are sure to find something suitable. Most Council areas within the Adelaide area are dog friendly.  There are seasonal rules in place for many beaches stating dogs can be offleash before 10am and after 8pm during daylight saving hours. During non-daylight saving, off leash is available at all times.

You are therefore, spoilt for choice with dog off leash beaches available throughout the year. Note, these rules are subject to change, so remember to check before heading out.  The area is home to a number of pet friendly beaches.  Some offer wide expanses of sand, others a lot smaller but offer an off-leash element.

Some maybe close to dog friendly facilities so that you can enjoy a drink after all that thirst-quenching activity. Some are close to recreation parks so both the kids and dogs get to let off steam!.  They are dotted around the area, so there should be a ‘dog beach near me’ – happy exploring!.

West Beach, Adelaide,

dog friendly beaches adelaide

Just a short drive from Adelaide is this gem of a place. Arguable one of the best dog friendly beaches.  There are sandy stretches of beach that meander for a couple of kilometres so plenty of space!

Where to park: 38 Seaview Rd

Hallett Cove Beach

Hallett Cove situated just over 20km south of Adelaide and is a great off leash destination. It is a relatively quiet location. With both rocky and sandy terrain, this is an unusual place for your pooch to explore. 

Where to park: 5 Heron Way

O’Sullivan Beach

Not far from the centre of Adelaide, you will find this beautiful doggy beach. Off leash fun 24/7 and all year round (but please check as rules change regularly). There is about 1km of sandy fun to be had at this location!

Where to park: Marine Dr

Moana Beach, Moana

This coastal location some 45 minutes from the centre of Adelaide is another dog friendly beach.  If you are wishing to extend your stay there are also plenty of dog-friendly accommodation choices.  The beach is close to the river outlet at Moana. Stunning views along the way!

Where to park: 408 Esplanade

Aldinga & Sellicks Beach, Onkaparinga

The city of Onkaparinga is some 45km away from Adelaide.  The off leash dog beach is located at the most southern tip of the city. The beach is beautifully sandy and wide. Please note that some time restrictions apply for off leash activity.

Where to park: Lower Esplanade

Glenelg Beach, Glenelg

dog friendly beaches adelaide

Just 15 minutes from the city centre, is the suburb of Glenelg.  The beach is close to many dog friendly facilities including cafes and bar areas. You can enjoy a drink after all that dog running activity! The beach at Glenelg welcomes your furry friend off leash but note some time restrictions apply (depending on the time of year).

Where to park: Pier St

Glenelg North Beach, Glenelg

Sticking with the theme of Glenelg is this quieter stretch of sand for your pooch to enjoy. Again time restrictions apply, so please check.

Where to park: Pier St

Best dog friendly swimming holes & creeks in Adelaide

Are any swimming holes near me dog friendly?  So many beaches are dog friendly in Adelaide but what else is on offer?  We have chosen a series of dog friendly lakes to creeks. All are different with water in common.  They are all beautiful locations with great views and a great place to go for a stroll. 

Frank Smith Reserve & Wetlands, Coromandel Valley

Many parts of Adelaide have the envious opinion that dogs are welcome off leash in most areas.  The dog most be obedient and in sight and also comes when called.  With that in mind, a lot of parks and reserves welcome dogs, but please check signs to be sure. This area is no exception. People have been coming to this area for some time. Many hidden tracks, BMX tracks, walking tracks etc to explore. A creek and a duck pond to boot! 

Where to park: 38 Magarey

Blackwood Forest Reserve

Situated in the Mount Lofty Ranges just 12km from Adelaide is yet another beautiful destination. Dogs are welcome but on and off leash (please check). There are plenty of trails to explore. Lots of different terrain to enjoy. Walks are both long and short on the trails dotted around and rivers/creeks on your journey.

Where to park: Turners Ave

Other dog swimming spots in Adelaide

Who knew that Adelaide had so many dog friendly locations to explore?!.  These locations again have water in common. Adelaide is blessed with so many beautiful coast locations and beaches to take your dog. However, this is a little different with lots of different terrain to explore.  

Wallaroo, York Peninsula

Although some distance from Adelaide, this is worth a visit if your dog enjoys a road trip. Situated some 160km from Adelaide, is this stunningly beautiful area. It has a drive on beach and dogs are welcome off leash. Boasting clear water, this is a wonderful place to check out.

Where to park: 9 Heritage Dr

Dog friendly swimming in Adelaide

With so many beaches allowing dogs and places to swim with your dog,  you should be able to identify your nearest dog friendly beach.  Hopefully we have answered all your doggy questions ‘where to go swimming with my dog’, ‘where the off leash beaches near me’  and are there any dog friendly beaches near me? (and plenty more)!.  

We have aimed to give you a variety that your doggy friends will love!  Remember, rules on both on-leash and off-leash are ever changing, so please check the signs on arrival!  There are plenty of dog parks with swimming and dog friendly pools to try out. If you know of more from your travels, and are happy to share your answer to ‘where are the best dog beaches near me?’ please get in touch! Happy adventuring!

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