Dog Friendly Beaches and Swimming Holes in Brisbane

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If you love to venture out with your four legged friend in and around Brisbane, we have put together a list of THE BEST dog friendly beaches, swimming holes, creeks, rivers and lakes in Brisbane for you to try out.  Yes, dogs on beaches are allowed and we show you in our list all the best places to take dogs swimming in Brisbane!

There are a lot of places to swim with your dog and locations that welcome your family pet, as venues realise the importance of our furry friends as members of the family.  We even take our dogs camping with us near Brisbane. So, if you are reluctant to leave your best four-legged friend at home while you go out exploring, there are many options in and around Brisbane for you to bring them along.  This will take you on a whole different type of adventure that the entire family will enjoy and your dog will love you even more!

Pack up the car, grab some doggy treats and a picnic and lay that pet blanket down on the back seat and check out our dog-friendly places to visit below.  If you have often asked ‘are there any swimming holes near me that allow dogs’ or ‘what off leash beaches are near me’, then this will help you answer those questions (hint … swimming holes near me that are dog friendly are around, so please read on)!

Dog beach in Brisbane etiquette

First things first, not everywhere allows you to let your dog off the leash, no matter how keen they may be, whether that be dog swimming places or just walking trails! Always check for signs to this effect when you first visit a location, even if you have visited before, in case the rules have changed.  The signs are there to help keep the area and local wildlife safe.  

Remember that not all dogs are friendly to each other or humans.  If you are venturing out with young children, remind them not to approach dogs without checking with owners first. You need to ensure their dogs are child-friendly and enjoy being made a fuss of by strangers.  

Also, not all dogs are friendly to each other either, so approach others with dogs with caution initially to eliminate any potential aggressive behaviour.  If your dog shows signs of being uncomfortable, maybe take them to another area until the other dog has moved on.

Before leaving home, ensure that your pooch has received and taken all of the necessary tick/flea medication.  A lot of outdoor venues will be home to a number of parasites and ensuring the safety of your dog before setting out will save a lot of heartache in the long run.  Always check your pet for ticks once you return home.

Leave only footprints

As with any area that you visit regardless of whether you are with a dog or enjoying a picnic, always, always pick up and dispose of your rubbish correctly and in the bins provided including any rubbish that your dog has left behind.  Always double check the area before leaving to ensure you have left the area safely and litter-free!

If this is your first time venturing out with your dog, remember that they will be taking in very different noises, smells and sights – sensory overload for some, so maybe start small.   

Best dog friendly beaches in Brisbane

Beaches…. Dogs? So what beach can I take my dog to? Where is the nearest dog beach to me? We have chosen a selection of dog swimming spots that include beaches in and around Brisbane, home to some of the best beaches for dogs. Some offer wide expanses of beach, others are a lot smaller but offer an off-leash element. Some maybe close to dog friendly facilities so that you can enjoy a drink after all that thirst-quenching activity, and some are close to recreation parks so both the kids and dogs get to let off steam! 

These great swimming beaches and creeks are dotted around Brisbane. We reckon there should be some that are close to you if looking for a short drive, whilst some will offer a full day of adventuring! Hopefully you will find your closest dog beach below!

Beachmere Beach, Bribie Island

Bribie Island is a beautiful location and plays host to many beaches that allow dogs.  Be mindful that a number of them are on-leash only, so please check for signs on arrival as these rules regularly change.

Where to park: Main Street, Beachmere

Godwin Beach, Bribie Island

Sticking with Bribie Island, is this much smaller beach location. This is currently an on-leash area on the grassed area and the foreshore.  If you have a pooch that you would be nervous of letting off-leash then this is a great little area to explore.

Where to park: Anywhere on the Esplanade

Woorim Beach South, Bribie Island

With beaches allowing dogs nowadays, this one is a fabulous expanse of beach with approximately 4km of sandy beach to explore, this is definitely a good area if you enjoy the sand between your toes (and paws).

Where to park: There is beach access off of Benalong St

Red Beach, Bribie Island

And yet more beach areas to indulge in on Bribie Island.  This one is a delightfully quiet location and a great place to enjoy the sun going down.  On our visit, we met Rocky and Tyler who were enjoying the off-leash area. Again you will need to check the sign as we found both on-leash and off-leash options for us in this location.

Where to park: There is beach access off of Tully St

Deception Bay Dog Beach

This is currently being trialled as a dog off-leash beach within the Moreton Bay area (north of Brisbane) and considered one of the best dog friendly beaches! When you arrive, make sure you check for signs as to the area in which off-leash applies. This is currently between Wallin Avenue and Joseph Crescent, and this is only being run during certain times of the day. 

Where to park: There is parking near 14 Captain Cook Parade

Queens Beach North, Scarborough

Located north of Brisbane, this is a very popular doggy destination. Some parts are on-leash and other sections are off-leash dog beach venues so you have the best of both worlds depending on your preference.

Where to park: There is a carpark opposite 21 Kennedy Esplanade

Sandgate Foreshore

The mudflats at Sandgate/Shorncliffe offer something a little different for your four legged friend. The dog off leash area is from Doug’s Cafe to Second Avenue. Bring your boots or like us, go barefoot for a little off-leash splashing fun!

Where to park: Anywhere on Flinders Parade

Raby Bay, Cleveland

This is a very popular location with dog owners and children alike. It is one of a few beaches that has a small section of beach for dog lovers and another for walking along the numerous pathways close to the waters edge.  This is currently off-leash and we noticed many owners were throwing balls and sticks into the nearby water for the dogs to enjoy jumping into (great on a hot day!)

Where to park: Masthead Drive

Coochiemudlo Island

Why not throw in a ferry ride as well and make a full day.  This may not be the ‘closest dog beach to me’, but beautiful Coochiemudlo island is a short trip via ferry from Victoria Point (approximately 10 minutes).  Currently dog-friendly to travel this way and the dog friendly beach is a short 5 minute walk from the ferry terminal.  A little different and away from the crowds.

Where to park: Victoria Parade East

Nudgee Beach

This photo was taken during Nudgee Beach’s trial off leash period.

Formerly an off-leash dog park, this is a long-standing favourite location to bring your pooch.  Recent changes due to environmental concerns have made this now an on-leash area, however there is a fenced off-leash area closeby if your dog needs to run free. This pet friendly beach off-leash area is vast, with obstacles for your doggy friend to navigate and enjoy and a picnic area for you to sit and watch them have fun!  Definitely something for all!

We wrote about swimming at Nudgee Beach here.

Where to park: There are parking areas near 1563 Nudgee Rd

Best dog friendly swimming holes & creeks in Brisbane

If you live in an inner city suburb and the beach isn’t something you enjoy, there are a number of reserves that have options for your doggy pals.  We have chosen a series of locations all slightly different but have water in common.  These are in and around the Brisbane area. They are all beautiful locations and a great place to go for a stroll and take in the views. 

Bunya Crossing Reserve

Xyla’s lead was photo-shopped out of this photo

Just 15 km north of Brisbane is this beautiful natural area.  Pretty much anyone on the northside of Brisbane know about Bunya Creek Crossing! It is fairly busy on the weekends but the weekdays are more quiet and it is one of our favourite places to take our pupper (albeit on-leash). The area also accommodates the picnic lover, with picnic spots dotted around and plenty of walking trails to enjoy.  There are waterways around the area where you can spot many people canoeing/rafting.

Where to park: There is parking along and at the end of Dugandan Rd

Kedron Brook Floodway Dog Park

This is another fantastic location to visit with your furry friend. The area has been part of a Council initiative to provide off-leash areas in the vicinity for dogs to enjoy a great run. We love that the whole northern side of the creek is declared off-leash by the Council. It is an attractive area and spans a good couple of kilometres, so plenty of space for all including dog friendly lakes. The area gets very busy in summer, but is unlit in the evenings.

Where to park: Easiest access and parking is at the end of Emma St

Colleges Crossing Reserve

This is located in the southern suburbs of Brisbane (Ipswich) and is a very popular picnic spot.  It takes in the water location and is a great habitat for birds.  Picnic tables and playground equipment is located around the area.  Note, this is an on-leash area only but dogs are very welcome!

Where to park: Devin Drive

Other dog swimming spots in Brisbane

If dog friendly beaches are creeks aren’t your thing, check out these other options for swimming with dogs in Brisbane.

Lower Moora Park, Shorncliffe

Located at the bottom of the cliffs, is this delightful little bay.  Dogs are welcome (on-leash). There is a little playground area and BBQ facilities, so you can while away a few hours with the family here!

Where to park: Lower Moora Park carpark (off of Park Parade)

The Old Quarry Daisy Hill

Situated in the southern suburbs is this untouched and quiet area.  There is a water hole that you can walk to from the Daisy Hill Regional Park using the Stringybark Trail.  This trail will lead you to the watering hole via the connecting Buhot Creek Trail within the Neville Lawrie Reserve.  While dogs are unable to be off-leash, you are able to take the hike with your furry friend on a leash.

Where to park: Quarry Rd

Aquatic Paradise, Birkdale

This foreshore venue is a dog friendly area without the fencing.  If you love a stroll along the waters edge, then this is definitely one for you to try out.  There are small playgrounds along the way so if you have young children with you, this is a unique location where there is something for everybody.

Where to park: There is parking along Queens Esplande

Dog friendly swimming in Brisbane

From the collection above, you should be able to identify your nearest dog friendly beach. This should provide an answer to ‘where to go swimming with my dog’.   We have aimed to give you variety of options for places to take dogs swimming. Remember, the rules regarding leashes are ever changing, so check the signs on arrival! 

If you know of other dog friendly creeks or swimming holes let us know!

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