The BEST Places to go Strawberry Picking in Brisbane

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Are you looking for the best strawberry picking farms in Brisbane, QLD? Well, look no further! We’ve compiled a list of all the best places to pick those ripe and juicy strawberries.

Brisbane is full of great places to pick strawberries, and we’ve narrowed it down to our favourite choices!

When is strawberry season in Brisbane?

Strawberry picking season in Brisbane is typically from June to November each year. Although the season can change each year, so if you plan on going earlier or later into the main season, we recommend phoning ahead to make sure!

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Why strawberry picking is fun?

Strawberry picking with kids is a great family bonding experience! The kids love being able to choose the strawberries they’re going to eat, and it’s also a great learning experience, to teach kids about where food comes from!

How to go strawberry picking

You may not think much of it, but there actually is a trick to make sure you pick strawberries properly! I know, I didn’t know that either.

  1. First, don’t grab the strawberry with your fingers, this could squish it.
  2. Instead, grab the vine and push the strawberry of it, slowly as not to crush it.
  3. Repeat.

Where to go strawberry picking near Brisbane

There are so many different places you can go strawberry picking, so we made sure our list has something for everyone!

Chambers Flat Strawberry Farm – Pick Your Own August to October

At the Chambers Flat Strawberry Farm Brisbane, you can pick your own strawberries from their beautiful fields or buy them freshly picked along with jams, ice cream and other strawberry treats from their farm store.

Address: 912 Chambers Flat Road, Chambers Flat QLD 4133

Phone: (07) 5546 3652

FaceBook: Chambers Flat

Rolin Farms

Rolin Farms on the Sunshine Coast, about 12 minutes up the road from Caboolture (45 minutes north of Brisbane). It is open every day from 8am to 4pm during strawberry season (June through October).

Address: 124-190 Rutters Road, Elimbah QLD 4516

Phone: (07) 5497 4253

Website: Rolin Farms

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LuvaBerry Farm

This strawberry farm offers something else! They offer Peckish Picking- where you can eat in the field, and they have a Farm Gate stall selling lots of other fresh local produce from jams and chutneys to avocados and ice creams. This farm is a great day out for kids and adults alike, with complimentary farm tours available plus tea, coffee and locally made biscuits!

Address: Ziviani Road, Wamuran QLD 4512

Phone: 0417 741 692

Website: LuvaBerry

Strawberry Festivals

Here are all the strawberry festivals in Brisbane 2021

Redfest Strawberry Festival

RedFest Strawberry Festival provides a mix of music, arts, and cultural displays, sideshow alley with an abundance of national and international entertainment. For more than 60 years locals and visitors have gathered together to celebrate the juicy, red, sweet, and tasty strawberries.

Dates: Fri, 3 Sept 2021 – Sun, 5 Sept 2021

Location: Redland Showgrounds Source

Strawberry and dessert festivals

The Strawberry & Dessert Festival on Saturday 18th September 2021. Fun Fact: Did you know Queensland accounts for 33% of Australia’s strawberries! To celebrate the delicious and nutritious berries as well as support local growers, every year we invite you to Sandstone Point Hotel for the berry best day out!

Date: Saturday, 18 September 2021

Location: Sandstone Point Hotel

Strawberry Picking Brisbane

There you have it! There’s our list of everywhere to go strawberry picking in Brisbane!

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