Things to do in Melbourne with Teenagers

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If you are looking for the best article on things to do in Melbourne with teenagers, then you have found what you are looking for! In this article we will show you all the best things to do in Melbourne with teenagers. It doesn’t matter if they are 13 or 19… we have got a range of choices that will suit them!

We have complied the best list of teens activities and fun things for teens to do so that you can get back to the million other things we know you have to do as a parent. Melbourne is a cultural and social hub and is full of activities for teenagers. No matter what your teen is into, we have found fun activities for teens that are awesome!

Weather you’re looking for school holiday, rainy day activities or big day trips, this is the place to be.

Take a look at our list. We think you with find it filled with things to do when bored for teens. Use it to make your life easier and make your teens so much happier.

Fun activities for teens

In this article we have divided up this list of things to do with teenagers into sections to help you find the most suitable teens activities:

Activities for younger teens in Melbourne

Here are the best activities for younger teens in Melbourne.

Moonlit Sanctuary

More than 70 wildlife species await you at the Moonlit Sanctuary. This sanctuary is a must for animal lovers and even offers a keeper for a day experience for teens. Enjoy an encounter with a python, dingo or koala. There is even an option to take a night tour at this sanctuary less than an hour from Melbourne Central.  Visit the website to see what animals you can get up close and personal with.

Grab your tickets before you go here.


Bounce your way through 50 interconnected trampolines at this massive indoor venue. The perfect place for burning off energy and showing of your tricks. Try the out the slam dunk, big bag or maybe a game of dodgeball. Plenty of parking available onsite, plus a tuckshop for when the teens get hungry (aren’t they always!).

Read more about Bounce online.

Go surfing

Forget waiting for the perfect wave these summer holidays, URBN Surf Park offers the perfect wave all year round! The waves are always rolling in and you can choose your level or for the beginners, take a lesson. This is definitely a cool thing for teens to do and it will elevate your social status with your teen for sure! Take a look at Australia’s first surf park here.

Buy your learn to surf lessons here.

Gumbuya World

Theme parks Australia

Grab your backpack and swimmers and let the teens run loose at Gumbuya World. Home to exotic animals and a waterpark this is the perfect combinations to give your teens the freedom to roam and explore. Even better, get their friends to meet them there and they can enjoy the day together. This is a fun thing to do in the summer for teens.

Read the Gumbuya website here.


Sidetracked is packed with fun things to do for teens, and is arguably the most fun under one roof in Melbourne.  Go Karting, dodgem cars, ten pin bowling, laser tag, video and arcade amusement games, mini-golf, party rooms and a disco party room are all on offer – phew! Surely there is something there that your bored teen is going to love!

Go and get sidetracked today!

Go Karting

If riding the fastest go karts in Melbourne doesn’t excite your teens, then nothing will. Drift karts, sprint karts and double karts are all available at LeMans. If go karting is too much excitement, then try lasertag or enter the virtual reality arena for an experience they won’t forget. Lemans is full of great things for bored teens to do.

Check out the Lemans website before you go.

O’Brien Icehouse

Teenagers got energy to burn? Why not take them ice-skating! Watch them (or join in!) doing laps with their friends or enrol them in skate school while you sit back with a coffee at the café. Kids will also tell you this is also a great thing to do with their teenage friends.

Find out more about ice-skating here.


BMX racing is all about having fun. If you have a teen that craves action and adrenalin, why not get them to try BMX racing. Not only is it a great way for them to get fit, but they can also meet new friends and learn a new skill. A wonderful way for teens to learn to take risks in a safe (and very cool!) way.

Find out more about BMX’ing.

Old Melbourne Gaol

School holiday activities in Adelaide

Take your teens inside a thrilling piece of history at the Old Melbourne Gaol. Home to some of Australia’s most notorious criminals (including Ned Kelly!) this gaol offers tours and experience sure to excite. Walk through cells and see how the prisoners lived. Take a look at the gallows where prisoners were hung. They even offer night tours for those who are brave enough!\

Get your discount tickets here

Read about the gaol online.

Activities for older teens in Melbourne

Although there are lots of fun things to do with teenagers who are a bit younger in our list above, we also know that older teens like a bit more adventure. Take a look at these activities for older teens in Melbourne we have for you. Our list of fun things to do with teenagers ranges from indoor skydiving to flight simulators and also includes a heap of fun things to do for teenagers at night.

Walk the dog

May not be the most exciting thing you’ll do – but dog walking is a great way to get out of the house!

Melbourne Cable Park

What do you get when you combine wakeboarding, an aqua park and a high ropes course? An EPIC day out for adventurous teens. Home to Victoria’s only cable wakeboarding lakes, teens can kneeboard or wakeboard more than 500m on the cable system.

They also offer a ‘chicks clinic’ where ladies can learn wakeboarding – a great thing to do with teenage girls. Afterwards wakeboarding, enjoy the aqua park where they can bounce, splash and slide across the park. If they aren’t keen on getting wet, then try the high ropes course.

Find out more here.


Latitude’s giant aerial playground is the number one choice for thrill seekers. More than an indoor trampoline park, they offer rock climbing, obstacle courses, dodgeball courts, basketball lanes and 100s of trampolines all under one roof. Your teen is sure to find something that they love, and it’s even better if they go with friends.

See what’s on offer at Latitude.

Flight Experience

Take to the skies (almost!) with this ultimate flight experience. This is as close as it gets to operating a full-size passenger airliner. Step inside Australia’s state-of-the-art flight simulator experience. This will give your teen the ultimate Boeing 737 experience as a pilot and is a great rainy day activity for teenagers.

Find out more online here.

Luna Park

Melbourne’s Luna Park is the ultimate theme park. Located in the heart of St Kilda, this iconic theme park offers rides to thrill teens and some awesome Instagram worthy shots (and we know they love those!). For those less adventurous, simply enjoy this historic park and enjoy some fun carnival food. This place is full of fun teen activities!

Take a look online to see what’s on offer.

Escape Room Melbourne

Escape Room Melbourne is Australia’s first live puzzle game. Work in teams of 2-6 players to solve the puzzle and escape. Each room takes just over an hour to complete and will really challenge your teen to think outside the box. Escape rooms are wonderful team building activities for teens and with 2 different locations in Melbourne, you will be spoilt for choice.

Learn about Escape Rooms Melbourne.

Tour the Melbourne Cricket Ground

Go behind the scenes at this iconic Melbourne venue and walk on the oval where many historic sporting moments have occurred. Whether your teen likes cricket, football, soccer or just music, the ‘G’ as it is affectionately known, has seen the stars of them all and will delight everyone in your family. Take the tram to really make a day of it, plus you can forget about the stress of parking. Click here for the Melbourne Cricket Ground website.

You can book tour tickets here.

Peninsula Hot Springs

If you are looking for mindful activities for teenagers, then why not visit Peninsula Hot Springs. Located on the Mornington Peninsula just 90 minutes outside Melbourne, this makes for a relaxing day trip and is a fun thing to do with your teenage daughter. With a range of pools to enjoy, you and your teen can relax and spend some quality time together.

Find out more here.

Clip n Climb

Climbing meets theme park at Clip ‘n Climb Williamstown. Give your teens a vertical challenge and let them climb the walls, literally! There are a range of different climbs to conquer, including speed walls and the twister. Plus, there is a café onsite so you can enjoy some downtime while your teen tests out their skills.

Get climbing here.

iFLY Melbourne

Get their adrenalin pumping these school holidays by doing some indoor skydiving! iFLY lets you re-enact the experience of a skydive from 14,000 from the 360° glass tunnel. The glass tunnel also means that friends can come along and watch – and get the ultimate photo.

Check out iFLY online.

Go skateboarding

Try out some cool moves at Rampfest. This indoor skate park is arguably one of Melbourne’s best skate parks. Teens can scoot, skate, rollerblade and more at this massive venue. With small ramps through to large ones, teens will be sure to find something that suits them. Plus, it is a cool activity for teens.

Get skating at Rampfest.

There are so many activities to do with teenagers in Melbourne that we can’t list them all, but make sure you take a look online and get your tickets at the same time.

10 Fun things to do at home for teens

When your kids can’t get out and about, finding activities for teens at home can become a full time job. Because we know everyone is different, we have compiled a heap of entertaining and interesting activities, including art ideas for teens. This list of stuff to do for teens to do at home is about to elevate your level of parental coolness!

How to draw cool things drawing guide

Looking for art activities for teens? Learn to draw cool stuff with this awesome book ‘How to draw cool things’. It contains step-by-step instructions that will suit even a very beginner. Optical illusions, 3D letters, cartoons are just some of the things they can learn to draw.

Get your drawing guide here.

Be a rubber band engineer

Got teens that love to tinker? This book will teach them (step-by-step) to create their very own rubber band launchers and gadgets. You will never believe what they can make with just a rubber band and the ideas between the pages. Plus, it will keep them out of your hair!

Find out how here.

Get procrastibaking

Tired of looking for outside activities for teenagers? Then send them into the kitchen to have some fun. Not only will they love these recipes, but they will (hopefully!) end up with something delicious to show for it. Filled with 100 non-boring recipes, there is sure to be something they want to make.

Buy the book and get started.

Non boring board games

Put away the boring board games for teenagers and take a look at these. Challenging, creative, hilarious or even straight up ridiculous, these games will have them putting down their devices and actually enjoying themselves. It even includes some team building games for teens.

Get playing with these board games.

Learn how to ride a hoverboard

If they want to impress, encourage your kids to learn how to ride a hoverboard. Imagine showing up to school or sport on one of these. It even has built in speakers, so they don’t even have to turn off their music to ride. Ride into the future on one of these hoverboards.

Purchase a hoverboard here.

An escape room in a book

Get involved in a mystery without even leaving the comfort of home with this unique book. With just 60 minutes to escape from a labyrinth, you must take on the challenges, solve mysteries and clues to finish the book. Perfect to entertain teens that love to read or those that love a good mystery.

Find out if you can escape.

Put your time to good use

With a lot of time to kill during school holidays, reading any of these books is a great way for teens to learn how to put their time to good use. This selection includes books on becoming more efficient, techniques to increase their level of happiness and even confidence building books like ‘What’s my super power’. Perfect for those that are looking to learn more about themselves or just read a good book on a rainy day.

Check out this selection of books on highly effective teens.

Master a remote controlled car

Take a look at this selection of the latest, greatest and quirkiest of remote control cars and vehicles. Racing cars, 4WD’s, mini coopers and heavy machinery vehicles are just some of the vehicles you can control. You can even build your own from Lego! Some can even be used on grass so your teen can take them (and themselves!) outside for a bit.

Choose your vehicle here.

Fun things to do when stuck at home

Finding fun things for teens to do at home doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, this book makes it easy and interesting in a quirky way. This book is full of things for teens to do when bored.

Read up on things for teens to do here.

Fly a drone

What could be cooler than spending a day flying a drone! Teens will love getting off the couch to spend time in the backyard when they have a drone to play with. From a basic model to something much more sophisticated (some with handheld screens), teens will be sure to find a drone that is cool enough for them.

Purchase a drone here.

Fun activities for teens in Melbourne

While it can be almost impossible to find things to do for teens that they will 100% love, we think our activities for teenagers to do is pretty impressive, and not at all lame! Try it out with your teenager and let us know what they think. We are quietly confident!

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