Strawberry Picking in Perth with Kids

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Strawberry picking with kids in Perth, WA is a great way to spend quality time as a family and Perth, with its great climate and beautiful array of strawberry farms, offer many opportunities to get out and explore! Strawberry farms in Perth offer varying experiences from exploring beautiful rural locations, enjoying a café experience, combining the fruits of your labours afterwards with a bake off or simply au natural with a ton of ice cream.  What better way to get outside and spend time with the family than strawberry picking! 

Hint: This is a great school holiday idea too!

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When is strawberry season in Perth?

Strawberry season varies depending on the weather, varieties of strawberries grown, as some endure the colder months, and the success of the crop.  That said, August and September are the probably recognised as the best months to enjoy this activity before it gets too hot. There are locations that allow year round picking and this could also include a number of other fruits, but if strawberries are what you enjoy, then spring would be a good bet, but check with the venue before heading out to avoid disappointment.

Tips for strawberry picking with kids

Being outdoors means wearing the right clothing – comfortable and closed in shoes is the best way forward when getting in amongst those strawberry plants! Cool clothing (and probably older that you are happy to withstand the strawberry stains that is sure to happen!) and being sunsafe – hat, sunscreen etc as you may well be out in the elements for several hours.

Farm strawberry picking will also be open to other plants and pollen, so if you have any allergies, bring anything you need to keep this under control.

Try and understand when the busy times are if going with younger children so that there is plenty of space.  Opening hours can vary considerably but most have Facebook pages or websites, so please check that they are open before heading out – most provide updates weekly due to the change in availability.

If your children are easily distracted, try and plan a location that has other activities to enjoy such as petting zoos, parks, cafes etc and best of all, let them enjoy the wide open space, organise a safe point when they have finished picking in a certain area so that they don’t get lost and spend time teaching them the plants that are ready for picking (red strawberries as opposed to white/green!).  Most of all HAVE FUN! 

Where to go strawberry picking in Perth

Places to go strawberry picking Perth and WA are numerous and we have included a list of some to try below.  You will find some of the best strawberry picking farms in this region with some areas providing several strawberry farms to try. So have a look at our suggestions for where to go strawberry picking WA and plan a family fun day out with the kids.

Wanneroo Strawberry Farm Wanneroo

Wanneroo strawberry picking is a region that offers many strawberry farms to try. Located in this popular area 25 km north of Perth CBD, this is an ideal day out, close to the city where the kids can go nuts and fill up buckets of strawberries.  This particular strawberry farm provides updates from their Facebook page, including when they are open and the best hours to visit on a week by week basis, if in doubt contact them before heading out to avoid disappointment.

Address: 375 Badgerup Road, Wanneroo 

Wanneroo Strawberry Picking Farm

Hoang Le’s Strawberries Wanneroo

Yet another strawberry farm in Wanneroo, this region is truly blessed with strawberries!  Due to reopen for picking in July/August this year, they also dabble in other fruits, so why not get in touch and see what else you can pick. Strawberry picking in 2020 was priced at $10 per box.  They are very family friendly with helpful staff so why not get in touch and pop in for a visit.

Address: 120 Trichet Road Wanneroo

Hoang Le’s Strawberries

Lena Strawberry Farm Anketell

South of Perth (approximately 30 km) in the city of Kwinana you will find this semi-rural location.  Again, ideal if you are looking for a day trip not too far from the city.  With no entry fee you just pay for a box and then fill it, so you and the kids can get straight into the task at hand. The fields are vast so there is plenty to pick (once the season begins), but updates are available including opening times from their Facebook page, so check before you set out.

Address: 1021 Thomas Road, Anketell

Lena Strawberry Farm

Pick your own Strawberries Bullsbrook

Perth strawberry picking locations don’t come much prettier than here.  This region generally is the gateway to the vineyards of the Chittering and Avon valleys but for the kids there is the added attraction of Perth’s Outback Splash, a theme park for those who love to get wet!  Why not organise a road trip and take in the spectacular views of the region, let the kids unwind and explore the local attractions and sample some beautiful produce along the way. 

This particular farm opens yearly for the season, so again, check their Facebook page for times.  There is a picnic spot on site so you can stay after the picking is done and enjoy some downtime with the family.  

Address: 263 Old West Road, Bullsbrook

Pick Your Own Strawberries

Kien’s Strawberry Farm Gnangar

A box that can hold up to 3kg of strawberries – the challenge is to fill it!  That’s what is on offer at this location, large boxes and large strawberries.  This family run strawberry farm has been around for some 20 years, so the knowledge is great and the strawberries are delicious. This place was open quite late in the year in 2020 so dependent on the weather and plant, this could be your Christmas supply if you happen to be in the area!

Address: 360 Badgerup Road, Gnangara

Kien’s Strawberry Farm

Sue & Tim’s Fresh Farms Gnangara

Yet another strawberry farm in this region, Sue & Tim’s Strawberry Farm is another great strawberry giant.  This is a cash only facility so remember to bring some, though the boxes available to purchase are very reasonable (from $8 in previous seasons).  The boxes are large and you and the kids can spend time getting enough to take home and make jams, pies, or enjoy as they are with a little sugar!  This venue gets busy, so plan ahead and don’t forget that sunscreen!

Address: 157 Badgerup Road, Gnangara

Sue & Tim’s Fresh farms

H&N Strawberry Gnangara

This place offers some of the best strawberry picking in WA.  You will need to be prepared for this one, bring refreshments, plenty of water, to keep you fuelled up however you are allowed to eat (or sample) the fruit as you go along.  Boxes are supplied and pre-packed boxes are also available to purchase if you are looking just to enjoy the fruit and allow someone else to do the hard work.

Address: Lot 44 Joyce Road Gnangara

H&N Strawberries

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Minh Tran Neera

Minh Tran’s strawberry picking farm is located within Neera, some 36 km north of Perth.  This is a rural area which features a beautiful national park closeby. Strawberry picking with kids at this location is fun and very reasonably priced with prices from last year as low as $8 for a box.  Opening hours and season depends on the weather and plant so call ahead or follow their Facebook page for regular updates.

Address: 1920 Wanneroo Road, Neerabup

Minh Tran

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Aida Strawberry Farm Carabooda

This rurally located strawberry farm is situated north of Perth.  Unfortunately there is very little information online direct from the owners, but a phone number is supplied.  They do however have a following of people who rave about the quality of the strawberries on offer to pick, so if you are after a quality product you would do well at this location.

Address: 12 Reinhold Pl, Carabooda

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Russell Farm Strawberries Munster

This giant in fruit and vegetable growing is a great place to not just pick up strawberries, but other quality goods that they grow and produce here.  Strawberries are not always pick your own, but they will advertise when they have enough to welcome the public in to have a go at picking their own supply.  They have a couple of sheds available where they grow their produce so picking can be undercover. Please check their Facebook profile for updates and when pick your own is available.

Address: 467 Russell Road, Munster

Russell Farm Strawberries

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Best strawberry farms Perth

There you have it, there’s our list of the best strawberry farms in Perth. If you think we missed anything make sure to let us know!

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