Are you looking for the BEST Christmas lights in Sydney? Did you just google ‘Best Christmas lights Sydney’, ths is the BEST list of all the most eye-catching, the most jaw droping and the most stellar Christmas lights for you and your famiy to enjoy. 

Best Christmas Lights in Sydney

As Christmas starts to be creeping up on you, and the only song you can hear is ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ by Mariah Carey, you start to think about where to start the Christmas spirit, one of the ways to do this, is to grab a hot chocolate and hop in the car with the family, and begin to gaze and gasp at all the stunning Christmas decorations that churches, libaries, and even homes have put up for you to enjoy.

Where to see Christmas Lights Sydney 2019

Here at Get Out With Kids, we’ve compiled a list of all the best places to see Christmas lights in Sydney! Are you reday? Let’s dive right in.

Christmas Lights in the Sydney CBD

Darling Harbour

Christmas Lights Sydney

Be schocked by giant decorations and huge light displays ths Christmas at Daring Harbour, including the giagantic buable in the ICC Forecourt. The bauble isn’t your usua christmas decoration, standidng at 6 meters high, the ornament lights up at night and shines around the the grounds. As an added bonus, at night you can witness the incredible fireworks every Staurday night.

When: Tuesday 12th November – Thurday 26th December

Where: Darling Harbour

Christmas Tree

Christmas Lights Sydney

The tallest Chritsmas Tree in New South Wales will light up the street this 2019 with a huge variety of colours, and hundreds of specizlly created buablues, along with 15,000 flowers representing 9 diffrent Australian floras will cover the branches of the tree.

When: Staurday 23rd November – Wednesday 1st January (All day every day)

Where: Martin Place

The Lights of Christmas

Christmas Lights Sydney

At St Mary’s Cathedral, adults and children alike can have their imagation run wild as they watch the spectactular light and sound show.

When: Thursday 5th Decmeber – Wednesday 25th December 8:30pm – 11:00pm

Where: St Mary’s Cathedral

Christmas Lights Spectacular

Christmas Lights Sydney

Every year. hundreds of families come to viit the outstanding lights and decorations at the Hunter Valley Gardens. The display features millions of lights, Santa’s Workshop, and all new rides for the entire family to enjoy.

When: Thursday 5th November 2019 – Thursday 26th Decmber (excludes 25th Decmber) 5:30pm – 10:00pm

Where: Hunter Valley Gardens

Canopy Of Light

Christmas Lights Sydney

Take a walk underneath the canopy of suspended Christmas trees, that makes up the canpy over the Pitt St Mall. Housing over 80,000 LEDs, this exhibtion is sure to make your late night Christmas shopping sparkle.

When: Staurday 23rd November – Wednesday 1st Januray 7:00pm – 12:00am

Where: Pitt St

Christmas Lights Sydeny Suburbs

If you don’t feel like heading out into the CBD, the suburbs of Sydney have some pretty specatular lights too. Here is our list of the most jaw dropping streets around Sydney

Avoca St Christmas Lights

Families can be amazed with Avoca Street’s houses and houses fully decorated with hundreds of beautiful Christmas Lights.

Denison St Christmas Lights

Denison Street goes all out for Christmas when it comes to beatiful lights, ornaments, and all things Christmas.

Frederick St Christmas Lights

On Frederick Street, adults and children alike can be wowed with the beautiful lights, decorations and giant christmas inflatabels.

Barwon Cres Christmas Lights

Barwon Crescent is a great place to visit on your Sydney Christmas light looking adventure. The street goes all out, when it comes to Christmas.

Larose Street Christmas Lights

Christmas Lights Sydney

Larose Street Christmas lights never dissapoint, with thousands of lights, and loads of decorations, whats not to love?

Gwydir Avenue Christmas Lights

Gwydir Avenue is by far one of the streets to visit  this Christmas. Lights go on every night at aroud 7:30pm, and stay on for hours.

Knowles Street Christmas Lights

Knowles Street Christmas lights are certainly high up on the list of streets to visit when your family is Christmas light lookig this 2019.

Flanders Avenue Christmas Lights

Flanders Avenue boasts a large number of houses, all of wich, are completly outstanding. What’s to not love?

Franklin Street Christmas Lights

Franklin Street is another beautiful street to visit on your Cgristmas light adventure, with hundreds of lights and decorations, this street is set to make anyone gasp.

Faversham Cres Christmas Lights

Christmas Lights Sydney

Houses at Faversham Crescent are displaying some beatuiful lights this year, and they are teaming up to raise money for the Sydney Childrens Hospital, all donations are appricated.

Strickland Rd Christmas Lights

Strickland Road is certainly the place to be this Christmas, with so many lights and ornaments, it’s high up on the list.

Emily St Christmas Lights

66 & 68 Emily Street are teaming up to create one of the largest Christmas light displays you’ve ever seen.

Burwood Rd Christmas Lights

Christmas Lights Sydney

191 Burwood Road has been displaying Christmas lights for over 20 years, and with over 100,000 synchronised LEDs moving to 5 diffrent songs, 191 Burwood Road is the place to be this 2019

Sydney St Christmas Lights

With over 50 houses getting in the spirit this Christmas, Sydney St has thousands of lights and displays for the whole family to enjoy.

Rangers Rd Christmas Lights

The houses at Rangers Road are certainly decked out with the Christmas spirit this year. There is so much for families to enjoy

First Avenue Christmas Lights

First Avenue is full of brillant lights and decorations for adults and kids alke to make the most of.

Second Avenue Christmas Lights

Christmas Lights Sydney

Second Avenue is no differnt to First Avenue, with even more houses participationg in this festive tradition.

Third Avenue Christmas Lights

Third Avenue is the same, with lights, decorations and ornamaments for the whole family to enjoy

Fourth Avneue Christmas Lights

Fourth Avenue is a great place to be this Christmas, with heaps of houses dressed up in lights and outstanding decorations.

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